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Superintendent Registrar's District: Carnarvon Enumeration District No: 14
Registrar's Sub-District: Carnarvon Name of Enumerator: Mr. Hugh Williams
1: Part of the Parish of Llanbeblig comprised within the following boundary line. Commencing and including Maesincla now occupied by Mr. William Owen Carrier taking all the houses southward of the Penygelly Road to the boundary of Llanddeiniolen at Rhyd y rhys rivulet. Then following the North west side of the Llanddeiniolen boundary to Rhyda. Then crossing the rivulet in a South east direction towards Ty Slaters to the boundary of the Parish of Llanrug. Following that boundary to the banks of the Segontium River Excluding Ty andro Bodrual and Bodrual Mill. Then following the banks of the river to Pont Peblig. Taking all the houses North of the Beddgelert Road to and including Cae Mawr. Then to the Barracks, Ysgubor Goch, Quellyn, Leiod, and Maesincla Mr. Lloyd.

1871 Census. Parish of Llanbeblig. National Archives Ref: RG10/5721
Address Name Rel Con Age Occupation Place of Birth
Maesincla William Owen Head M 41 Carrier CAE Llandwrog
  Ann Owen Wife M 38   AGY Llanfwrog
  William Owen Son U 15 Agricultural Labourer AGY Llanfwrog
  Margaret Owen Daughter   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Owen Owens Son   09 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Richard Owen Son   07 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Elizabeth Owen Daughter   03 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Ann Owen Daughter   18m   CAE Llanbeblig
Maesincla Ann Jones Head W 72 Wife of a Agricultural Labourer CAE Bryncroes
  Jannet Jones Daughter U 47   CAE Bryncroes
  Robert Jones Son U 36 Gardener CAE Llaniestyn
  Evan Williams Grand Son   11 Scholar CAE Bethesda
Maesincla Thomas Parry Head M 58 Farmer of 14 Acres of Land AGY Llansadwrn
  Elizabeth Parry Wife M 60 Farmer's Wife CAE Llanwnda
  Ann Jones Servant U 17 General Servant CAE Llanfairisgaer
Tyn y Glyn John Davies Head M 33 Gardener (Market) CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Davies Wife M 38   CAE Llanbeblig
  John Davies Son   06 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Elizabeth Roberts Servant U 22 General Servant CAE Llanbeblig
Cae'r Mur Winifred Jones Head M 36 Sailor's Wife CAE Llanbeblig
  Robert Jones Son   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Jones Daughter   07 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  John Jones Son   04 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
Cae'r Mur Rowland Rowlands Head M 31 Butcher CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Rowlands Wife M 27   CAE Llanbeblig
  John Henry Rowlands Son   08 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Hugh Rowlands Son   03 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Jane Mary Rowlands Daughter   15m   CAE Llanbeblig
Cae Bold Robert Roberts Servant U 25 Agricultural Labourer CAE Aber
  John Evans Servant U 25 Agricultural Labourer LAN Liverpool
Pen y Gelli Wyn David Jones Head M 46 Agricultural Labourer CAE Penmorfa
  Jane Jones Wife M 43   CAE Clynnog
  Ellen Jones Daughter U 14   CAE Llanbeblig
  Jane Jones Daughter   09   CAE Llanfairisgaer
  William Jones Son   07 Scholar CAE Llanddeiniolen
Tyn Twll Robert Evans Head M 49 Agricultural Labourer CAE Llanfihangel
  Catherine Evans Wife M 49   CAE Penrhos
  Richard Evans Son   10 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Margaret Evans Daughter   05 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
Pencock John Owen Head M 48 Farmer & Blacksmith CAE Llanrug
  Mary Owen Wife M 44   CAE Llanbeblig
Pencock Thomas Hughes Head M 59 Farmer of 19 Acres AGY Trefdraeth
  Jane Hughes Wife M 60 Farmer's Wife CAE Dolwyddelen
Pen y Gelli'r Bank Jane Jones Servant U 33 General Servant AGY Aberffraw
  Griffith Jones Servant U 16 Agricultural Labourer AGY Llandegfan
  Richard Jones Boarder U 38 Game Keeper AGY Llanedwen
Pen y Gelli Elizabeth Prichard Servant U 32 Dairymaid CAE Llandwrog
  Thomas Williams Servant U 38 Farm Servant CAE Llanrug
  Richard Williams Servant U 29 Farm Servant AGY Llanidan
  Hugh Jones Servant U 33 Farm Servant AGY Llanidan
  Thomas Jones Servant U 28 Farm Servant AGY Llanfaelog
  Thomas Williams Servant U 22 Farm Servant AGY Llanddeusant
Pen y Gelli Richard Williams Head U 39 Farmer of about 110 Acres AGY Llanchylchat
  Ellen Jones Servant U 37 General Servant CAE Llanddeiniolen
  William Pugh Servant U 23 Farm Servant CAE Llanllechid
  Thomas Davies Servant U 20 Farm Servant CAE Llanwnda
  Robert Jones Servant U 13 Farm Servant CAE Llanbeblig
Tyddyn Hen Richard Williams Head M 48 Agricultural Labourer CAE Aberdaron
  Catherine Williams Wife M 42   CAE Rhostryfan
  Anne Williams Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE Rhostryfan
  Margaret Williams Daughter   08m   CAE Llanbeblig
  William Williams Son   09   CAE Llanfagdalen
  Richard Williams Son   08   CAE Llanfagdalen
  Robert Williams Son   05   CAE Llanfagdalen
  Thomas Williams Son   03   CAE Llanbeblig
Bryn Glas Catherine Edwards Head W 67 Farmer's Wife of 4 Acres CAE Llangybi
  Robert Edward Roberts Nephew U 25 Joiner CAE Abererch
Cae Garw Richard Evans Head U 34 Railway Labourer CAE Llanfihangel
  Mary Prichard Mother W 78   CAE Penllech
Cae Garw William Parry Head M 63 Agricultural Labourer CAE Penmorfa
  Ann Parry Wife M 57   CAE Dolbenmaen
Tollgate House Margaret Williams Head U 22 Milliner CAE Llandinorwic
  Jane Williams Sister U 37 General Servant CAE Llandinorwic
Coed Mawr Edward Griffith Powell Head M 62 Treasurer & Coroner for County 1 CAE Carnarvon
  Helena Catherine Powell Wife M 27   IRL Dublin
  Gwen Davies Servant U 36 Cook Domestic Servant CAE Carnarvon
  Jane Williams Servant U 25 Laundry Maid Domestic Servant FLN Sarn
  Mary Ann Williams Servant U 24 House Maid Domestic Servant DEN Llanfair Talhaiarn
  Jane Thomas Servant U 20 Parlour Maid Domestic Servant AGY Llangristiolus
Tyn Rhos William Williams Head M 60 Farmer of about 32 Acres CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Williams Wife M 44 Farmer's Wife CAE Llanbeblig
  Henry Williams Son U 17 Employed on Farm CAE Llanbeblig
  Robert Williams Son U 15 Employed on Farm CAE Llanbeblig
  Catherine Williams Daughter   14 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Ellen Williams Daughter   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Jane Williams Daughter   10 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Margaret Williams Daughter   08 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Louisa Williams Daughter   06 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Grace Ann Williams Daughter   04   CAE Llanbeblig
Ty Haslam Bodrual John Williams Head M 58 Slate Quarryman CAE Llanwnda
  Elizabeth Williams Wife M 50   CAE Llanrug
  John Williams Son U 24 Slate Quarryman CAE Llanrug
  Humphrey Williams Son U 17 Slate Quarryman CAE Llanbeblig
  Thomas Williams Son U 14 Slate Quarryman CAE Llanbeblig
  Owen Williams Son   06 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Jane Griffith Servant U 16 General Servant CAE Llanberis
Ty Haslam Bodrual John Evans Head M 72 Agricultural Labourer AGY Llanidan
  Jane Evans Wife M 73   AGY Llanfairmathafarneithaf
Yard Bodrual Jane Owen Head W 48   CAE Llanfagdalen
  Ellen Owen Daughter U 17 Dressmaker CAE Carnarvon
  John Owen Son   13 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
Yard Bodrual Joanna Griffith Head W 79   CAE Llanbeblig
  Elizabeth Williams Daughter U 51 Dressmaker CAE Llanbeblig
Yard Bodrual John Lewis Head M 64 Agricultural Labourer CAE Llandwrog
  Catherine Lewis Wife M 53   CAE Llanbeblig
  William Lewis Son U 18 Gardener CAE Llanbeblig
  Ann Lewis Daughter   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
Yard Bodrual Owen Hughes Head W 76 Common Labourer AGY Aberffraw
Ty Newydd Bodrual Ann Foulkes Head W 72 Farm of 2 Acres CAE Llangian
  Elizabeth Jones Daughter M 34 Dressmaker CAE Llanddeiniolen
Cae Darby Robert Williams Head M 47 Farmer of about 27 Acres CAE Llandwrog
  Jane Williams Wife M 49 Farmer's Wife CAE Clynnog
  Robert Williams Son U 21 Joiner CAE Llanbeblig
  Alice Williams Daughter U 17 Farmer's Daughter CAE Llanbeblig
  Catherine Williams Daughter U 14 Apprentice of Dressmaker CAE Llanbeblig
  William J. Williams Son   10 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Thomas Jones Boarder U 61 Agricultural Labourer CAE Clynnog
Coed Marion Morris Prichard Head M 63 Farmer of about 21 Acres CAE Llanllechid
  Mary Prichard Wife M 34 Farmer's Wife CAE Llanrug
  Richard W. Prichard Son   12 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
Coed Marion Thomas Jones Head M 30 Farmer of about 23 Acres CAE Llanystymdwy
  Ellin Jones Wife M 30 Farmer's Wife AGY Newborough
  Evan Jones Son   02   CAE Llanbeblig
  Catherine Jones Daughter   10m   CAE Llanbeblig
  Ann Roberts Servant   10 Nurse AGY Malltraeth
Maes Barcer Edward Hughes Head M 35 Carter AGY Gwalchmai
  Catherine Hughes Wife M 32   AGY Llanfihangel
  Catherine Hughes Daughter   11 Scholar AGY Aberffraw
  Edward Hughes Son   08 Scholar AGY Aberffraw
  Ann Hughes Daughter   06 Scholar AGY Aberffraw
  John Hughes Son   03   CAE Llanbeblig
  Grace Hughes Daughter   18m   CAE Llanbeblig
Cibbin y Mur William Roberts Head M 40 Agricultural Labourer AGY Newborough
  Catherine Roberts Wife M 35   AGY Newborough
  Ellin Roberts Daughter U 13   AGY Malltraeth
  William Roberts Son   08 Scholar AGY Malltraeth
  Robert Roberts 2 Brother U 35   AGY Newborough
Coed Mawr Lodge William Williams Head M 26 Coachman AGY Gaerwen
  Ann Williams Wife M 24   AGY Llangefni
Min y Nant Robert Humphreys Head M 31 Slate Merchant GLS Gloucester
  Julia Humphreys Wife M 27   GLS Bristol
  Robert Ernest Humphreys Son   05 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  Wallace Humphreys Son   04   CAE Carnarvon
  Julia Flora Humphreys Daughter   02   CAE Carnarvon
  Flora Bradbury Mother in Law W 60 Formerly Shopkeeper GLS Brislington, Bristol
  George Charles Bradbury Brother in Law U 30 Slate Agent GLS Bristol
  Mary Williams Servant U 22 General Servant (Domestic) AGY Menai Bridge
Leiod Solomon Parry Head M 53 Agricultural Labourer CAE Llaniestyn
  Ellen Parry Wife M 49   CAE Clynnog
  William Parry Son U 18 Agricultural Labourer CAE Llanfairisgaer
  Jane Parry Daughter U 13 Scholar CAE Llanfairisgaer
Quellyn Lewis Lewis Head M 51 Draper & Landowner CAE Carnarvon
  Eliza Catherine Lewis Daughter U 18   CAE Carnarvon
  John Hamilton Swaine Assistant U 41 Draper CAE Carnarvon
  John Roberts Assistant U 24 Draper AGY Gwalchmai
  Thomas Williams Assistant U 23 Draper CAE Llanllyfni
  Owen Lloyd Owen Assistant U 21 Draper MER Trawsfynydd
  David Prichard Apprentice U 17 Draper CAE Bethel
  William Jones Apprentice U 18 Draper CAE Llandwrog
  Ann Roberts Servant U 33 Cook (Domestic Servant) CAE Edeyrn
  Jane Roberts Servant U 24 Housemaid (Domestic Servant) CAE Llanllyfni
Ysgubor Goch Thomas Parry Head M 48 Farmer of 15 Acres employing Son & Daughter CAE Llandegwyn
  Mary Parry Wife M 51 Farmer's Wife CAE Bangor
  Henry Parry Son U 18 Farmer's Son CAE Carnarvon
  Ellin Parry Daughter U 15 Farmer's Daughter CAE Carnarvon
  William Parry Son   10 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
Militia Barrack Robert Bartley Head M 50 Sergt. Permt. Staff Carnarvon R.R. Militia 3 IRELAND
  Mary Ann Bartley Wife M 40   IRELAND
Militia Barrack William Harwood Head M 49 Sergt. Major Carnarvon R.R. Militia LIN Donington
  Winifred Thomas Servant U 18 General Servant (Domestic) FLN Ruabon
Militia Barrack James Kelly Head M 46 Sergt. Carnarvon R.R. Militia 4 IRELAND
  Sarah Ann Kelly Wife M 44   BRK Bucklebury
  Elizabeth Jane Kelly Daughter   05   HAM Winchester
  William James Kelly Son   03   CAE Carnarvon
  Katherine Kelly Daughter   12m   CAE Carnarvon
Militia Barrack Charles Soper Head M 44 Sergt. Of Carnarvon R.R. Militia 5 YKS Leeds
  Mary Soper Wife M 33   CON Bodmin
  Mary Ann Soper Daughter   07   HAM Aldershot
  Robert James Soper Son   05   KEN Shorncliffe Camp
  William Charles Soper Son   03   CAE Carnarvon
  Frederick Henry Soper Son   12m   CAE Carnarvon
Militia Barrack John Watts Head M 47 Professor of Music - Chelsea Out Pensioner SCOTLAND
  Catherine Watts Wife M 39   IRELAND
  Lillian Blanche Watts Daughter   04   CAE Carnarvon
Militia Barrack William Owen Head M 60 Dr. Mr. Sergt. Carnarvon R.R. Militia 6 CHS Altrincham Bowden
  Elizabeth Owen Wife M 51   HAM Portsmouth
  Mary Elizabeth Osborne Adopted Daughter U 16 Pupil Teacher of National School CAE Carnarvon
Militia Barrack Daniel Maddin Head M 48 Sergt. Of Carnarvon R.R. Militia IRL Galaway
  Emma Maddin Wife M 38   ESS Brightlandsea
  William Davies Servant U 21 Groom AGY Beaumaris
Barrack William Tegarty Head M 43 Sergt. Of Carnarvon R.R. Militia 7 IRELAND
  Elizabeth Tegarty Wife M 38   HAM Kings Somborne
  Emily Tegarty Daughter   07   HAM Winchester
  William Tegarty Son   06   IRELAND
  Sarah Tegarty Daughter   04   CAE Carnarvon
  Elizabeth Tegarty Daughter   12m   CAE Carnarvon
Barrack Llywelyn Evans Head M 38 Sergt. Of Carnarvon R.R. Militia CAE Bangor
  Elizabeth Evans Wife M 47   SAL Ellesmere
  Elizabeth Evans Daughter   09 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
Maesincla John Williams Head M 31 Agricultural Labourer AGY Rhoscolyn
  Mary Williams Wife M 28   CAE Llanrug
  Jane Williams Daughter   06   CAE Llanrug
  Ellen Williams Daughter   04m   CAE Llanbeblig
Maesincla Edward Hughes Head M 38 Agricultural Labourer AGY Llanbedrgoch
  Ellen Hughes Wife M 55 Labouring on a Farm MER Llanfair
  Sarah Jones Daughter U 15 Labouring on a Farm CAE Llanbeblig
Maesincla Jane Parry Servant U 47 General Servant (Domestic) CAE Clynnog
  Richard Prichard Servant U 19 Farm Servant CAE Rhiw
Maesincla John Williams Head M 64 Sexton of Llanbeblig CAE Llanbeblig
  Ann Williams Wife M 66   CAE Llanddeiniolen
  Robert Williams Son U 25 Slate Loader CAE Llanbeblig
  Laura Jane Williams Daughter U 21   CAE Llanbeblig
  Winifred Ann Williams Grand Daughter   11   CAE Llanbeblig
Llanbeblig Churchyard Thomas Jones Head M 46 Quarryman MER Dolgellau
  Ann Jones Wife M 36   CAE Llanbeblig
  Thomas Jones Son U 16 Quarryman CAE Llanbeblig
  Laura J. Jones Daughter   03   CAE Llanbeblig
  John Jones Son   08 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Francis Jones Son   06 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Catherine E. Jones Daughter   02   CAE Llanbeblig
Llanbeblig Churchyard Henry Ensor Head M 63 Shoemaker CAE Llanbeblig
  Jane Ensor Wife M 66   DEV Plymouth
  Robert Ewing Grand Son   09 Scholar LAN Liverpool
  Alexander Ewing Grand Son   06 Scholar LAN Liverpool
Ty Gwyn Bach William Ellis Head M 57 Agricultural Labourer AGY Llanidan
  Mary Ellis Wife M 59   AGY Newborough
Ty Gwyn John Owen Jones Head M 36 Coach Builder CAE Carnarvon
  Jane Jones Wife M 34   CAE Carnarvon
  William H. Jones Son   12 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  Owen Jones Son   10 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  Mary E. Jones Daughter   08 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  Susannah Jones Daughter   06 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  John Owen Jones Son   04 Scholar CAE Carnarvon
  Evan R. Jones Son   02   CAE Carnarvon
  Ellin Williams Servant U 38 General Servant (Domestic) CAE Llanrug
Tyddyn Pandy Morris Hughes Head M 42 Farmer of about 10 Acres CAE Llanddeiniolen
  Catherine Hughes Wife M 39 Farmer's Wife CAE Llanrug
  Catherine Hughes Daughter U 17 Farmer's Daughter CAE Llanrug
  Ann Hughes Daughter U 14 Farmer's Daughter CAE Llanbeblig
  Sarah Hughes Daughter   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Ellen Hughes Daughter   07 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Hughes Daughter   05 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Elizabeth Hughes Daughter   03 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Hugh Hughes Son   18m   CAE Llanbeblig
Tyddyn Pandy Jane Rogers Head W 36 Farming about 10 Acres CAE Llanfairisgaer
  Hugh Thomas Son U 13 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Jane Catherine Thomas Daughter   11 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  David Rogers Son   04 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Margaret Mary Rogers Daughter   02   CAE Llanbeblig
  Ellen Rogers Daughter   12m   CAE Llanbeblig
  Elizabeth Evans Servant U 15 General Servant (Domestic) CAE Llanddeiniolen
  David Morris Boarder M 50 Miller DEN Denbigh
  David Morris Jones Boarder U 16 Miller DEN Denbigh
Bryn Llan Catherine Jones Servant U 22 General Servant CAE Llanbeblig
Cae Mawr William Prichard Head W 47 Labourer in an Iron Foundry AGY Aberffraw
  Ann Catherine Prichard Daughter   09 Scholar CAE Llanbeblig
  Mary Prichard Niece U 16 Housekeeper AGY Aberffraw

1 Attorney & Solicitor. Town Clerk. Also Landowner
2 Deaf & Dumb. Paralyzed
3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Chelsea Out Pensioner

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