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From the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald: December 17th. 1909.


Some of the Attractions at Carnarvon

Before making their Xmas purchases, our readers will do well to glance down this column, and see what the best known establishments in the town have on sale, and what are the chief attractions in the windows.

Seilo Bach in the snow. © G. Davies
Seilo Bach in the snow. © G. Davies
Gypsy Hill in the snow. © G. Davies
Gypsy Hill in the snow. © G. Davies

One of the principal drapery establishments in North Wales is the Nelson emporium, at which extensive structural alterations have just been completed. The new windows, which have curved corners, have polished mahogany frames with polished Aberdeen granite bases. The doors are also of plate glass with the name "Brymer and Davies" embossed thereon. There are three entrances with mosaic tile work, and the word "Nelson" worked in the middle. the windows are cased in at the back, and there are mirrors at the sides. The general sign is most elaborate, and is worked in gold letters covered with plate glass. The front of the premises is acknowledged to be the most magnificent in the Principality. Below is appended a description of the windows:- Nos. 1 and 2: Toys and exhibitions, doll houses and mechanical toys, fancy and leather and electro-plated goods; photo frames, perfumes, handkerchiefs, satchels, silk shawls, blouses, lace, ties, and plastrones for neckwear, etc. No. 3: Cream materials, eolinne, crimpoline, striped delaine, and fancy stripes, evening blouses, wraps, gloves, fans, silk and lace neckwear. No. 4: Boys' and men's underclothings, shirts in flannel and flannellette, men's caps, felt and tweed hats, umbrellas, boys' overcoats, velvet suits, tweed suits, jerseys, wool gloves, viyella mitts. Nos. 5 and 6: A selection of Christy's and Lincoln Bennett and Scott's newest shapes in silk and felt hats, caps, etc. Gents' shapes in silk and felt hats, caps, etc. Gent's silk mufflers, ties, handkerchiefs, gloves, umbrellas, dress shirts, etc., Wolsley flannel shirts and underclothing, half hose, gent's dressing cases, collar cases, brush and Gladstone bags, etc., dressing gowns, travelling rug, umbrellas and a selection of tweeds for overcoats, suits, trousers, breeches, etc.

There is a splendid show at Messrs. Pierce and Williams' establishment. The window attractions comprise useful articles for presentations. There are toys and dolls, etc., in large quantities, and an assortment of ladies' handbags, a large stock of ladies' fancy handkerchiefs from 1d. to 2s. each. Tray cloths, table centres, table covers, hangings, and a large assortment of down quilts at almost half the usual prices; a large stock of ladies' umbrellas, with very choice handles for Christmas presents and new year's gifts.

Mr. Griffith Owen, chemist, does not require to make a special show. His goods, which are well known throughout the Principality, include a choice selection of wines, etc.

Mr. W. Williams Jones, Bangor Street, has an excellent display at his magnificent establishment. The windows are very tastefully set out with an assortment of gold and silver watches, gold bangles, and choice silver goods suitable for presents. The Goss china which Mr. Jones exhibits in his establishment is especially worthy of notice. Mr. Jones also furnishes eye glasses and spectacles at most reasonable prices, and his establishment is undoubtedly one of the most up-to-date in North Wales.

Mr. J. R. Pritchard's shops are always worthy of attention. The Tea Mart at Pool Street is daintily decorated with good things for Yuletide. Pritchard's Yellow Flower Tea is kept well to the front, and has by now become an article which cannot easily be dispensed with. The Golden Eagle at Turf Square also presents a very tempting appearance, the window being so well dressed that the passer by cannot but stop to admire it. Mr. Pritchard has made elaborate extensions to his premises in Pool Street by establishing a pork shop, which was opened this week.

Mr. Joseph Roberts displays at Pool Street and Twthill a large and varied selection of Xmas novelties in the way of Christmas crackers, fancy tins of biscuits, and the like.

The Bowling Green. To the left can be seen the old Twthill Girls' School. © G. Davies
The Bowling Green. To the left can be seen the old Twthill Girls' School. © G. Davies
Henry Owen advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
Henry Owen advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris

Messrs. Morton's have a display of boots, shoes and slippers. Dr. Jaeger's wool-lined boots, shoe and slippers, Cinderella, the high class boot and shoe for ladies, the Holdfast and Dryfoot boot for country wear, and the "Perfecta" boot of which they are the sole makers, are kept in stock.

The Golden Anchor (Mr. Edward Owen) is again to the fore. The Bridge Street window is stocked with fancy articles, silk blouses, and ties in silk and lace. The other window contains articles for baby wear, millinery, and silk and muslin pinafores.

The stationers of the town are again to the front with their Xmas attractions. Attractive windows have been set up by Messrs. R. Lloyd Williams, D. W. Davies, Jones, Turf Square; W. Gwenlyn Evans, H. W. Jones, J. J. Hughes, and Evan Hughes.

The good things for Xmas cannot be cooked without fire, and good coal is an essential. This can be supplied by Messrs. Owen Evans and Sons, coal merchants.

Mr. J. Parry, Liverpool House, has a nice selection of pipes and cigars, and keeps in stock several varieties of tobacco. He has also a grand supply of Xmas cards, and toys of all description.

Mr. Caradoc Rowland as usual makes a nice display of useful Christmas presents in jewellery, silver, and plated goods.

As is his custom, Mr. Evan Owen, of the Beehive Restaurant, and the Pool-street Bakery, has a specially fine show of cakes, all made at his model bakery. All foods are packed with the greatest care, and every attention is given to post orders.

At Messrs. Wyman's bookstall we find periodicals of every description tastily arranged. Such a show of magazines and books is rarely seen at Carnarvon, and Mr. Rogers is one of the most obliging and genial bookstall managers in North Wales. In addition to magazines and periodicals we find an extensive selection of useful books, such as diaries, farmers' and nautical year books.

Bradleys advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
Bradleys advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris

Messrs. R. Williams, Humphreys, & Co., Brunswick Buildings, have a neat display of brass goods, brass kerbs, fire brasses, stops, etc., useful presents in fancy brass goods, the centre of the first window shows a handsome hot register grate, with a bold enamelled slate chimney piece. In No. 2 window is displayed a very nice selection of electro-plated goods. The shop is so arranged that every article is visible. There you will see the notable Swinton range, the latest styles in fires, hearths, etc., tiled registers, mantle registers, enamelled goods, cutlery, house requisites. The builder and farmer will find everything here to suit one's requirements.

Joseph Roberts advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
Joseph Roberts advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris

At Waterloo House, Castle Square, there is an assortment of novelties of a varied character in the drapery line. The blouses are charming, and a fine collection of lovely lace neckwear, bows, belts, etc., gloves marked "reliable makes," up-to-date costumes and coats, millinery at reduced prices. The children's window as usual is very attractive with an assortment of choice garments for the "bairns." We noticed that many of the articles shown are marked cheap, and we hear Mr. D. Roberts claims to give as good value as any house in the kingdom.

At Messrs. Aston's well-known furnishing establishment the extensive display is as usual one of the most attractive in the town, the windows and first floor being devoted to a beautiful show of goods suitable for presentation. And from their useful and ornamental characters they are bound to be greatly appreciated by their recipients. The stock comprised all that is neatest, brightest, and prettiest in furnishing goods of every description. Apart from the very limited window space, the spacious and well-lighted showrooms are fitted with an immense stock of artistic and reliable goods of every description in the furnishing, ironmongery, drapery, and china and glass departments. Anyone contemplating furnishing or replenishing should inspect their immense stock. We would also remind our readers that all goods are manufactured at their new model factory at Wrexham, thus saving all middlemen's profits.

Messrs. Evan Jones and son (Motor Garage and Cycle Depot, 26, Bangor-street) have a splendid display of golf clubs, bags, balls, and everything else connected with the game; footballs, gramaphones, and all descriptions of records. There is also a new stock of bicycles direct from the London shows, amongst which we notice an all black machine designed specially for those who do a lot of winter riding. All kinds of motor accessories.

Their establishment at 4, Castle-square is replete with the newest things in culinary utensils, lamps, and cutlery. Guns and ammunition are here shown in great variety.

Messrs. Bradleys, clothiers, Turf-square, have a great display of suitable presents for Christmas in kid gloves, silk handkerchiefs, mufflers, boys' overcoats, fancy suits, and numerous other articles. Bradleys have no fancy prices.

Mr. Jonathan, High-street, the oldest establishment in the town, has an excellent assortment of collars, ties, mufflers, silk handkerchiefs, etc., at low prices. He makes a speciality of ladies' and gents' gloves.

Mr. J. Hugh Williams, house furnisher, Bangor-street, has a fine display of useful Christmas presents at low prices. A speciality is being made of folding card tables, which can be bought at London prices.

Mr. Henry Owen, butcher, has a fine display of meat supplied from farms in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey, and selected at the leading fat stock sales.

Waterloo House advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
Waterloo House advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
   J. Hugh Williams advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
J. Hugh Williams advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
   Nelson advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
Nelson advert, CDH 17th. December, 1909. © K. Morris
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