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What is the purpose of a Biography Section?

It is my intention to include biographies of individuals who appear in the main Trade Listings. Some will be the result of my research into trades/persons which particularly interest me, while others will, I hope, be contributions from visitors to the site. Another kind of biography which would be welcome is a personal one, which could include a piece written by somebody who used to run a business in town, or used to work for one. Ideally, these would cover the pre 1945 period.
If you would like to contribute, you are welcome to email me a copy of your finished article. Alternatively, you can mail me as much details as possible on the life of your chosen individual and I will do the writing for you. (This does mean, however, that it might take quite a while to appear, as I try to juggle all the tasks that I need to do). Photographs are welcome. If you are scanning them, use a resolution of 100 dpi. Likewise, digital camera images should be taken on the basic setting. Please make sure that any images you wish to include are your own copyright. If not, please include the name of the copyright holder, together with written permission to use the images.

Links to the Biographies

Use the links below to access the biographies already online.

Stephen Cropper - Hatter

Griffith Griffiths - Trafalgar Veteran

Edward Noble - Soda Water Manufacturer

Daniel Owen - Watch & Clock Maker

Owen Jones - Carnarvon Mineral Water Company
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