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Things remained quiet in Carnarvon until early August, 1832, when, with the shadow of the cholera hanging over their heads, the last thing the inhabitants needed happened: smallpox reared it ugly head once more. The first two deaths were of two year old Mary Morgan, and 16 months old Anne Rhees. Because we have no exact date of death in any of the cases in 1832, we have to rely on the burial dates in the Llanbeblig Burial Register. It must have been a sad sight as these two infants were both buried on the same day, namely the 3rd. of August.

Young Mary and Anne were only the beginning, and over the next two months Smallpox would ravage the town's infant population, and eventually result in more deaths than the dreaded cholera caused. Again, there are no reports of the smallpox in the local newspapers. This has one major disadvantage as it does not give us an eyewitness account of the conditions in the town at the time. Neither does it enable us to piece together any form of pattern as to the spread of the disease, nor its original source.

The areas most likely to have been the focal point of the disease would have been the poorer parts of town, and would have possibly included areas such as Crown Street, Turkey Shore, Glanymor, Tanybont, Smithfield, North and South Penrallt, and Tanrallt. These were particularly heavily populated, with the inhabitants forced to suffer terrible conditions, with poor sanitation and slum housing being the main problems faced. An example of the living conditions of the time comes from the last surviving presentment of nuisances, conveniently dated the 2nd. of January, 1832.

".....We also in like manner beg leave to call the attention of the Court to a Pit near Crown Street that is from the putrid and stagnant Matter with which it is filled a very offensive nuisance....."

It is a pointless exercise to entertain guesswork as the foundation for historical analysis, therefore I will conclude this section with a roll call of the young victims, but spare a thought for the church officials who had to deal with the ravages of the disease on a daily basis. Who could fail to be moved, and affected, by having to bury so many infants in such a short space of time.

Name Abode Date Age
Mary Morgan Carnarvon August 03 02
Anne Rhees Carnarvon August 03 16 months
Elizabeth Owen Carnarvon August 06 16 months
David Prichard Carnarvon August 06 10 months
Evan Davies Carnarvon August 06 01
Mary Parry Carnarvon August 08 01
John Jones Carnarvon August 10 05
John Morris Carnarvon August 11 09 months
Anne Parry Carnarvon August 14 03
Barbara Morris Carnarvon August 17 02
Ellen Jones Carnarvon August 18 02
Richard Jones Carnarvon August 20 09
Elizabeth Williams Carnarvon August 20 09 months
Jane Williams Carnarvon August 20 02
John Williams Carnarvon August 20 02
Griffith Morris Carnarvon August 21 02
Jane Jones Carnarvon August 21 02
Mary Williams Carnarvon August 21 15 months
Jane Prichard Carnarvon August 22 18 months
John Davies Carnarvon August 22 11 months
John Jones Carnarvon August 24 08
Jane Williams Carnarvon August 27 02
Henry Parry Carnarvon August 27 02
Thomas Jones Carnarvon August 27 20 months
Mary Williams Carnarvon September 03 01
Elizabeth Williams Carnarvon September 04 01
Elizabeth Williams Carnarvon September 05 25
Anne Jones Carnarvon September 05 10
Elizabeth Davies Carnarvon September 06 18 months
Griffith Roberts Gellach fain September 07 03
Catherine Griffith Carnarvon September 13 13 months
Gwen Roberts Carnarvon September 13 03
Elizabeth Parry Carnarvon September 15 02
John Prichard Carnarvon September 19 04
Anne Ellis Carnarvon September 21 02
William Griffith Carnarvon September 21 05
Thomas Harris Carnarvon September 22 10 months
Merddin Lloyd Morris 1 Carnarvon September 22 18 months
Griffith Thomas Carnarvon October 04 25
Harriet Roberts Carnarvon October 08 02
Elizabeth Williams Carnarvon October 10 05
John Jones Carnarvon October 12 05
Anne Jones Carnarvon October 12 03
John Griffith Carnarvon October 13 02
Catherine Roberts Carnarvon October 29 01
Hugh Lewis Carnarvon November 02 15 months
William Jones Carnarvon November 03 13 months
Catherine Hughes Carnarvon November 20 05
Evan Evans Carnarvon November 24 01
William Humphreys Carnarvon December 31 38

1 This entry has a cross next to it in the register, but no indication why this is so. Given the young age of the child it is possible that it was smallpox related.


Carnarvon Borough Presentments of Nuisances.
Llanbeblig Parish Burial Registers.

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