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The War Memorial, Castle Square, Carnarvon.  K. Morris
The War Memorial, Castle Square

The War Memorial was unveiled on Sunday November 12th. 1922, by the Mayor, Councillor A. H. Richards. Previously, there had been a temporary monument, in the form of a Celtic cross, near the Town Walls at Tanybont. This was erected in time for a procession through the town on the 27th. of September 1919 in honour of around 4,000 Carnarvonshire servicemen.

Following this event, the War Memorial Committee was formed to prepare for a permanent memorial. In February 1922 the site at Tanybont was discarded in favour of Castle Square.

As can be seen from the early photograph of the memorial, the panels were originally made of marble (??), but they were replaced with the present ones probably when the new panel was added after the Second World War.

Please note that the panels proved to be difficult to photograph, and acceptable images took a while to achieve. Because of this the file sizes are rather large and will take some time to download.


The War Memorial, Castle Square, Carnarvon. Panel 1.  K. Morris

Hugh Angel William Fern
James Ashton David Foulkes
Norman Barber Willie N. Flynn MM
W. H. Barlow J. Gallagher
Allen Barton (Bros) Thomas Gilderdale
W. D. Barton (Bros) O. A. Griffith
Thomas Bee Edward Griffith
John H. Bracegirdle DCM T. Griffith (Castle Ditch)
Harold O. Bodvel-Roberts MC T. Griffiths (Late 29 High Street)
H. J. Boulter W. Bryan Griffiths
David Bryan-Davies (Bros) A. G. Gurney
William Bryan-Davies (Bros) George W. Haines
E. B. Clarke Thomas Harris
Jack Cox W. Howard
George Cutler (Bros) D. W. Hughes
T. A. Cutler (Bros) Evan Hughes
D. R. Davies John Hughes
Evan Davies John O. Hughes
Thomas Maelor Davies Robert Hughes (Segontium Rd South)
Joseph Deeley Robert Hughes (25 Garnon Street)
Tom Drinkwater R. J. G. Hughes
Henry Edwards O. P. Hughes
Tudor Edwards W. J. Hughes
J. M. Ellis (Bros) W. Hughes
Owen John Ellis (Bros) H. Humphreys
David Ellis M. A. Ingham
W. Carey Ellis H. Jackson
Cecil T. Evans A. Victor Jones
Robert Evans (Bros) Daniel Jones
Eliseus Evans (Bros) Ebenezer Jones
Evan Evans (Bros) Evan Jones
Griffith Evans Griffith Jones
John Robert Evans Gwilym Rees Jones
Percy Samuel Evans Harry Dugdale L. Jones
William Ignatius Farren Humphrey W. Jones


The War Memorial, Castle Square, Carnarvon. Panel 2.  K. Morris

Henry Jones Robert Morgan
John Jones (Spring Place) William Rees Nanney (Father)
John Jones (42 Henwalia) John H. Nanney (Son)
T. O. Jones George Owen
J. Jones (Fron Lodge) Goronwy Owen
John Jones (16 St. Helens Street) John O. Owen
John Jones (Ty Calch, Llanfaglan)(Bros) John L. Owen
Robert Jones (Ty Calch, Llanfaglan)(Bros) William H. Owen
John H. Jones William H. Owen (Bros)
John O. Jones (Peblic Cottage) Hugh Owen (Bros)
John O. Jones (Marcus Street) Walter Palmar
Morys Wynne Jones Albert E. Parry
Owen Jones Dave Parry
Owen R. Jones David P. Parry MM (Bros)
Nath Glyn Jones William John Parry (Bros)
Robert O. Jones (St. Helen's Street) G. O. Parry
Robert Jones (Glandwr) William Henry Parry
Robert D. Jones Richard Parry
Thomas Jones (L. N. LANCS) Tom Parry
Thomas Jones (Eryri Terrace) T. Kennedy Pepper
Thomas Jones (Chapel Street) T. Lewis Pritchard
T. Jasper Jones Charles Pritchard
W. Lloyd Jones Griffith Pritchard
Watkin J. Jones John Pritchard (Bros)
William Jones (Beulah Square) Robert G. Pritchard (Bros)
William Jones (55 Pool Street) D. S. Pugh (Bros)
William Jones (Pool Lane) E. J. Pugh MM (Bros)
William Jones (15 Hendre Street) Hugh Tregarthen Rees
W. H. Jones (Wynne Street) Jack Rees
William Henry Jones (South Penrallt) Harold Richards
Jack Joyce E. D. Roberts
Richard Kelly Evan R. Roberts
John H. Lewis Henry T. Roberts
Henry Moreland Hugh Roberts
Griffith W. Morris Ifor W. Roberts
Robert Lloyd Morris  


The War Memorial, Castle Square, Carnarvon. Panel 3.  K. Morris

Hugh G. Roberts Bleddyn Williams
G. R. Roberts Robert Williams (Bros)
J. W. Roberts (Newborough Street) David Williams (Bros)
Ifor Wyn Roberts David Williams (Tan-y-Braich)
John Roberts (Sylvan) Ebenezer Williams
John Roberts (Bros) Hugh Williams
William Roberts (Bros) H. R. Williams (Bros)
Robert Roberts (Bros) J. Llewelyn Williams (Bros)
T. Roberts (Mountain Street) Morris Williams
Tom Roberts (Mona Hotel) Moses P. Williams
William Roberts Owen R. Williams
William J. Roberts (34 St. Helen's Street) Richard Williams
Justin Ruane (Bros) Robert Williams (Ship & Castle Hotel)
John Ruane (Bros) Robert Williams (R. E.)
W. A. Smith Robert H. Williams
Harry Sullivan (Bros) R. O. Williams
W. Sullivan (Bros) Robert J. Williams
Patrick Sweeney Robert Thomas Williams (High St. Post Office)
John Taylor Tudor Williams
Emrys Thomas Tommy Williams
George Price Thomas Thomas David Williams (Tai Coed)
Hugh Thomas (26 Hendre Street) T. D. Williams
Hugh Thomas (Henwalia Place) W. G. Williams
Hugh Thomas (Bros) Thomas John Williams
Thomas P. Thomas (Bros) T. Norman Williams
J. Price Thomas W. Ewart Williams
John O. Thomas W. H. Williams
John Thomas W. H. Williams (Preswylfa)
Owen Thomas William Williams (Dillon Cottage)
William Thomas Griffith White
R. N. Thompson (Bros) Hugh Wilkinson (Bros)
Tommy Thompson (Bros) A. Wilkinson (Bros)
George Henry Tomkins Willie Wilkinson (Bros)
Stanley Turner H. Wright
Albert G. Tyler T. S. Weeks


The War Memorial, Castle Square, Carnarvon. Panel 4.  K. Morris

Dedwydd Douglas Adlam Richard Samuel Jones
James Spencer Badger Thomas Henry Lloyd Jones
George Lenord Black Walter Jones
Guy Lloyd Carter Wilfred Jones
Edward John Coatsworth William Jones
Christopher Conroy Clifford Lambert
William Edward Crane William McCombe
William Williams Date William John Morgan
Gwilym Iorweth Davies Gwilym Owen Morris
Thomas Norman Deane Ellis Owen
Owen Edwards Hugh Evan Emyr Owen
David Ellis Ifan Owen
John Richard Ellis James Oswald Owen
John Henry Evans John Owen
Lewis James Evans Robert Jackson Owen
Mathias Evans Trevor Owen
Henry Fern William John Owen
Dennis Wynne Francis Moses Parry
Hywel Griffiths Miss Olga Patricia Hilton Parry
James Bradley Haines Henry Watkin Pound
George Hancock Richard Pritchard
John Henwood David John Roberts
Gwilym Gordon Hughes Emlyn Roberts
Gwilym Lloyd Hughes Thomas Percy Roberts
John Bryan Hughes Rowland Rowlands
John Richard Hughes Hugh John Thomas
Leslie Hughes Oscar David Gwyn Thomas
Owen Griffith Hughes Robert Breen Turner
John Hatton Humphreys Eric Archigot White
Austin Lloyd Jones Edward Griffith Williams
Emrys Ifan Huw Jones John Glyn Williams
Emrys Lloyd Jones John Samuel Williams
Evan Vivian Stanley Jones Thomas John Williams
Gwilym Meirion Jones Thomas Williams (32 Ffordd Maes Barcer)
John Arthur Jones Thomas Williams (Hendre Farm)
Nowie Jones Victor Charles Patrick Smalley
Owain Glyn Jones Harold Smith
Robert Jones  

Early photograph of the War Memorial. Note that the name panels have been changed when the World War II tablet was added.  K. Morris
Early photograph of the War Memorial.
Note the different name panels.

Carnarvon County School Cadet Corps. Instructor Sgt. E. O. Roberts. July 1916.  K. Morris
Carnarvon County School Cadet Corps. Instructor Sgt. E. O. Roberts. July 1916.

3/Coy. Welsh Signal Section Leaving Carnarvon For Overseas  K. Morris
3/Coy. Welsh Signal Section Leaving Carnarvon For Overseas

Many thanks to T. Meirion Hughes, who provided the information concerning the erection of the War Memorial.

All photographs K. Morris
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