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I was recently given a set of old negatives by a local gentleman, which were taken during the opening parade for the Salute the Soldier Week at Carnarvon on the 17th. of June 1944. They were taken by E. C. Pound, photographer, of Castle Square. I have now had them developed, and there are ten photographs showing this little known aspect of life in the town during the Second World War.

The Salute the Soldier Campaign was a national movement, aiming to raise money to fund equipment for the armed forces through National Savings contributions. Each city, town, or village had their own target to aim for, and Carnarvon's target was an astronomical 100,000, which was a huge sum for a small town in those days.

To accompany the photographs, I have transcribed the various reports which appeared in the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald at the time.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: April 21st. 1944.



Mr. O. C. Roberts, Plas y Bryn (chairman) presided over a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Caernarvon Area National Savings committee, on Friday evening, when arrangements were considered for the "Salute the Soldier" campaign in June.

Mr. H. Ewart Jones, Assistant Commissioner for North Wales, who was present, stated that arrangements had been made for a military representative to speak at the opening ceremony of the campaign.

It was agreed to invite Sir Goronwy Owen, M.P., and Miss Megan Lloyd George, M.P., also to attend the opening ceremony and to speak.

It was stated that Lady Montgomery had promised to attend the "Salute the Soldier" meeting at Holyhead the previous week, and it was decided to invite her to come to Caernarvon for the opening meeting.

A committee was appointed to make arrangements for the parade and entertainments during the week.

It was announced that the target aimed at during the week will be 100,000.

Mr. S. B. Rees, the head postmaster, who has accepted the honorary secretaryship of the committee, submitted correspondence, regarding group centres and the work of the schools in connection with the campaign.

A small committee was appointed to arrange for the issuing of an appeal.

The chairman expressed the hope that every support would be given in the area to the committee's effort. The previous campaigns in the area had been very successful, and they all hoped they would be able to make the "Salute the Soldier" campaign a great success, as a tribute to the service of the Forces.

The report of the Publicity Committee was presented by Mr. Page, who had been appointed hon. secretary. It was stated that the cinema van would visit the town during the week. Alderman W. G. Williams, J.P., was elected chairman of the committee, and Councillor Ieuan G. Jones vice-chairman.

Capt. E. W. Hughes gave information regarding the military parade at Caernarvon and Portdinorwic.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: May 5th. 1944.



At the executive meeting of the Caernarvon National Savings Movement, on Friday, Mr. O. C. Roberts, Plas y Bryn in the chair, reports were received from the various sub-committees, which showed that preparations for a record week were going ahead splendidly.

Capt. Hughes reported that arrangements for a grand parade on the opening day (17th. of June) were almost complete.

Sir Goronwy Owen, M.P., a permanent Army officer, and the Mayor are to be the chief speakers at the opening ceremony.

Dances, whist drives, concerts, a comic football match are to be some of the arrangements which the Entertainments Committee (chairman, Mrs. Siddall) are making.

The Publicity Committee (chairman, Alderman W. G. Williams) are appealing to the public to display flags and bunting to help to make the parade one of the finest ever seen in Caernarvon. Mr. T. H. Page is energetically applying himself as secretary of this committee.

Mrs. D. C. Douglas, 52 Bron-y-garth, is busily engaged as secretary of the Street Groups, etc., in ensuring that all the Corps will reach individual target records.

Mr. Llewelyn T. Griffith, Vaynol Street, was welcomed to the committee and thanked for taking over the duties of warden.

The Area Secretary reported that there had been a definite improvement in the number of half-yearly returns received, and that the number of members of Savings Groups had increased recently by over 1,000. This augurs well for a record "Salute the Soldier" Savings Week. The following have been appointed joint secretaries for the week: Mr. W. Philip Davies (Town Clerk), Mrs. D. C. Douglas, Mr. Spanner, and the Area Secretary, Mr. S. B. Rees.


The Caernarvon Company of the Home Guard is arranging to hold a dance at the Drill Hall, Caernarvon, on Wednesday evening, June 21. The proceeds will be given to the "Salute the Soldier" fund.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: May 26th. 1944.



Now that great new military operations are impending it is more imperative than ever that the soldiers should be adequately equipped, that they should have in abundance everything necessary to a speedy victory with the minimum loss of life. With that end in view we are asked to lend to the government every penny we can afford. Throughout the country "Salute the Soldier" weeks have been held, and many others have been arranged for the coming weeks. Figures already published show an overwhelming response to the call for still more savings to help the war effort.

Caernarvon and District's "Salute the Soldier" campaign will start on June 17, and there is every prospect that once again the response will be worthy of the sacrifice of the fighting men. If the results of previous efforts are any criterion, the Caernarvon "Salute the Soldier" target of 100,000 will be exceeded.

The organisers of the campaign have drawn out a comprehensive programme of entertainments. The arrangements, which were discussed at a meeting of the Publicity Committee of the Caernarvon and District National Savings Movement on Wednesday (Alderman W. G. Williams, J.P., presiding), include a grand parade on the opening day, in which five bands will take part. The salute will be taken by the Mayor (Mr. H. R. Phillips) and Major-General Rance, who, with Sir Goronwy Owen and the Mayor, will be the principal speakers. It is anticipated that the parade will be one of the finest parades ever held in Caernarvon. Local people can help by bringing out their flags and bunting.

During the week displays will be held in Castle Square in the evenings, in which the Home Guard, A.T.C., N.F.S., and other organisations will take part. The changing of the indicator showing the progress of the campaign towards the target of 100,000 will be performed by the Mayor at 7.30 each evening.

Dances will be held at the Royal Hotel on the opening evening and on Monday evening (June 19) and at the Drill Hall on Wednesday evening. Whist drives will be held at the Liberal Club, and Necaco Social Club on the evenings of June 20 and 21 respectively. The Services have undertaken to provide artistes at a variety concert to be held at the Guild Hall on Friday evening, June 23.

There will be a grand finale on Saturday evening - the nature of this function will be announced later.


Results of previous efforts: War Weapons Week, 116,000 (target, 80,000); Warships Week, 122,900 (target, 70,000); Wings for Victory Campaign, 125,000 (target, 80,000).

A still higher target has been fixed for the "Salute the Soldier" Week in the confident expectation that it will be exceeded. The amount by which the is exceeded will be the measure of the success of the campaign.

A cinema van will tour the district from June 22 to June 24, and it is hoped to include some of the surrounding villages in its itinerary.

The secretary of the Publicity Committee is Mr. Page (Necaco).


A word from the organisers:-

And now to the boys and girls - here is a nonsense rhyme. We want you to complete it, and for the best line submitted (in the opinion of the adjudicator, Alderman Hugh Griffith) we offer: 1st. prize, three 15s. Savings Certificates; 2nd. prize, two Savings Certificates, 3rd. prize, one Savings Certificate.

Said a budding young driver of tanks To his pals on the Anzio banks: "We've no cause to flurry And no need to worry"-

Example: "We're backed up by 'millions' of Yanks" (which must not be used).

In addition a present of a 15s. Certificate will be given for the best line submitted from a scholar in each school within the Caernarvon and District "Salute the Soldier area, i.e., Caernarvon, Port Dinorwic, Bethel, Bettws Garmon, Waenfawr, Caeathro, Rhostryfan, Rhosgadfan, Bontnewydd and Llanwnda. The rules are simple. No entrance fee. All you have to do is complete the rhyme, add your name and address, state your age, which must be under 17 on the 25th. June, give the name of your school (if you are still attending) and post your entry, to reach - Publicity Department, "Salute the Soldier," Limerick Competition, Red Garage Building, Bangor Street, Caernarvon, on or before Wednesday 14th. June.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 2nd. 1944.



The Executive Committee of the Caernarvon National Savings Committee met on Friday evening to consider further arrangements for the "Salute the Soldier" Campaign, Mr. O. C. Roberts, Plas y Bryn (chairman) presided.

Mr. H. Ewart Jones (Assistant Commissioner for North Wales) was present.

The target is 100,000.

The committee has every reason to think that the campaign will be a great success, and much enthusiasm prevails.

The report of the Appeals Sub-Committee was presented by Mr. W. Penry Williams, and it was stated that the appeal would be issued both in English and Welsh. The appeal would be printed in leaflet form and would also be included in the programme.

Mrs. Douglas submitted the report regarding the selling centres, and Mrs. Rees gave the report of the Entertainents Committee. Dances and whist drives are to be held and a matinee for the children would be held at the Majestic Cinema, and the Director of Education (Mr. Jenkins) would be invited to give an address to the children. A Sunday evening concert will be held by the Crosville choir. It is proposed also to arrange a Punch and Judy show for the children. Mrs. Rees stated that Miss Williams would dress a Welsh doll, which would be drawn for during the week.

Mr. Page, on behalf of the Publicity Committee, submitted the report of that committee. A number of gentlemen had been invited to deliver a short address each evening from the rostrum in Castle Square. The Mayor will be entrusted with the duty of moving the indicator.

The cinema van would visit the town for three days during the week.

The Chairman and Secretary (Mr. Rees) with the Mayor and Mayoress and High Sheriff were asked to attend the lunch to the guests at the Royal Hotel.

Capt. E. W. Hughes gave particulars of the parade route of the procession in which representatives of the Services and various organisations would take part. There will be five bands.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 9th. 1944.




Caernarvon's National Savings campaign will be held from Saturday, June 17 to June 24, and great preparations are made. The target is 100,000, and the Executive Committee expects the town and district to rally to its support. Arrangements have been made for a grand parade, in which six bands, contigents of the Services and representatives of various organisations will take part. Captain E. W. Hughes is the parade organiser and marshal.

All taking part in the parade should be in their alloted places at the assembly point by half-past two. The parade will move off at 2.45. The ceremony in Castle Square, will take place at 3.30, and the march past is timed at 4 o'clock.

The following are the details of the parade:

Two Dispatch Riders (Home Guard), Army Pilot Car, Royal Navy, Women's Royal Naval Service, Cadets (H.M.S. Conway), Caernarvonshire Constabulary, Special Constabulary; Detachment of Scots Guards, Detachment of Holding Battalion, Allied Forces Representatives, A.T.S. Company, "A" Company 3rd. Caernarvonshire Home Guard, 6th. Cadet Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers; R.A.F. Detachments, W.A.A.F.; Air Training Corps, Royal Observer Corps; B.R.C.S. Detachment, The Order of St. John and Cadets, Women's Land Army, National Fire Service, Civil Defence Service, Girls' Training Corps, Boys Scouts and Air Scouts.

Short addresses will be given in Castle Square by Brigadier H. E. Rance; Major Sir Goronwy Owen, M.P., and the Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips).

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 16th. 1944.




With the news of the new offensives on the battle fronts there should be a more concerted effort than ever to make the "Salute the Soldier" week a great success. If our gallant Forces are to finish the job and make the world safe for democracy everybody must rally to their aid in a manner that will spur them on to ultimate victory. One way is to give all we can spare to make the "Salute" week worthy in every respect of the great and noble sacrifices of our fighting men. Let us not forget them in this stupendous trial, but rise to the occasion and give unstintingly.

Caernarvon's "Salute the Soldier" week will open to-morrow with a procession of Military and Civil Defence workers, and other organisations. The parade, which is expected to be one of the most spectacular ever witnessed in Caernarvon, will proceed along the following route: Llanbeblig Road, Pool Street, Castle Square, Castle Street, High Street, Eastgate Street, Turf Square, Bangor Street, Bangor Road to the Railway Station, and returning via. Bangor Road, Bangor Street, Bridge Street, to Castle Square. Five brass bands will provide music along the route. The target aimed at during the week is 100,000.


In a preface to the programme, the following appeal is made by the Mayor (Mr. H. R. Phillips) and Mr. O. C. Roberts (chairman of the Savings Committee):-

"This is a personal appeal to you to show your appreciation of the British Soldier by lending your money to the point of sacrifice to help him on his way to peace and victory. Peace is not a negative condition meaning only the absence of war, but calls for positive effort and positive sacrifice to attain. This is an opportunity for those of us who are left at home to play a part in this great effort and in a practical manner to give every encouragement possible to our gallant soldiers in the mighty task that lies ahead of them. Without belittling in any way the incredibly brave performances of our sailors and airmen, freedom will not be finally won except by the courage and determination of our soldiers during the months that lie ahead. Caernarvon and District, with its ancient military tradition, is now called upon to salute him by investing at least 100,000 during its special Savings Week, and the Local Savings Committee, while appreciating the efforts made during the last four years which shows a total of over 900,000 for this District, can but regard this as a further incentive and a challenge to raise at least our Target figure of 100,000 during Savings Week, so as to reach the One Million Pounds mark. We therefore earnestly appeal to you to consult your banker immediately or call at the nearest Post Office."


The order of Parade will be as follows:- Band of H.M. Royal Marines, Royal Navy (Armed Party), Women's Royal Naval Service, Cadets H.M.S. "Conway," Caernarvonshire Constabulary, Caernarvonshire Special Constabulary, Pipe Band of H.M. Scots Guards, Detachment of H.M. Scots Guards, Detachment 307th. Holding Battalion, Allied Forces Representation, Pioneers ("B" Company), Band and Drums 3rd. Caernarvonshire H.G.; "A" Company 3rd. Battalion, Caernarvonshire H.G., Cambrian Sub District Company, A.T.S.; 5th. Company, 6th. Cadet Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers; Army Cadet Force Band (Blue Coat School), No. 7 (Beaumaris), No. 5 (Caernarvon), No. 4 (Bangor), Cadet Companies, Royal Air Force Band, R.A.F. Detachment, R.A.F. Detachment 31/M.U., Royal Observer Corps, Women's Auxillary Air Force, Air Training Corps, H.M.S. "Conway" Band, No. 8 B.R.C.S. Detachment and Junior Section, Order of St. John and Cadets, Civil Defence Service, National Fire Service, Women's Land Army, Girls' Training Corps, British Legion and Ex-Servicemen, Toc H, 1st. Caernarvon Sea Scouts, 2nd. Caernarvon Air Scouts.

The ceremony in Castle Square will take place at 3.30 p.m., and short addresses wil be given by: Brigadier H. E. Rance, O.B.S. (General Staff, Western Command), Major Sir Goronwy Owen, M.P.; the Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips). To conclude the ceremony, the bands will provide music as follows: "Land of Hope and Glory," Welsh National Anthem, and National Anthem.

The "March Past" will be at 4 p.m.. The parade will march past the Saluting Base, when the salute will be received by Brigadier H. E. Rance, O.B.E., accompanied by the Mayor. The parade organiser and marshall is Captain E.W. Hughes (A.M.L.O.).

At 6 p.m., in Castle Square (near Lloyd George Statue) a special display of Highland Dancing will be given by the Dancers and Pipers of H.M. Scots Guards.

From 8 p.m. to midnight there will be a Grand Opening Dance at the Royal Hotel. M.C.s: Mr. G. F. Douglas and F/Lt. W. Ford.


The programme for the week is as follows: The Mayor of Caernarvon will set the Indicator each day.

Sunday - 8 p.m., On the Promenade, Band of the 3rd. Caernarvonshire Battalion, Home Guard, and the Crosville Male Voice Choir.

Monday - 7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m., Castle Square: Display by the Home Guard. 7.30 p.m. - Setting of Indicator and address by the Mayor. 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.: Dance at Conservative Club. Arranged by the Committee of the Club. M.C.s, Mr. C. Tilley and Mr. Hywel Williams.

Tuesday - 2 p.m.: Majestic and Guild Hall: Free Cinema Show for School Children. Speakers, the Mayor and Mr. Goronwy O. Roberts, M.A. (County Youth Organiser). 7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.: Castle Square: display by the Home Guard. 7.30 p.m.: Setting the Indicator. Address by the Deputy-Mayor (Councillor J. Peters). 7.30 p.m.: At the Liberal Club, Whist Drive. M.C. Mr. T. R. Owen. Speaker, Mr. O. C. Roberts.

Wednesday - 7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.: Castle Square. Display by No. 5 Company, 6th. Cadet Battalion, R.W.F. 7.30 p.m.: Setting of Indicator. Address by the High Sheriff of Caernarvonshire (Mr. W. Penry Williams). 7.30 p.m.: At Necaco Club, Gronant Buildings. Whist Drive. M.C. Mr. T. R. Owen. Speaker, the Mayor. 8 p.m. - 1 a.m.: Drill Hall. Dance. Speaker, Major Tom Jones.

Thursday - 7 p.m.: At the County School Ground. Comic Football Match. Services v. Civil Defence. Tableaux by Boys of Air Scouts. 7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.: Display by National Fire Service. 7.30 p.m.: Setting of Indicator. Address by Alderman W. G. Williams (chairman of Publicity Committee). 8 p.m. - 12.30 a.m.: Royal Hotel, Dance. The Carlton Players Band. M.C.s: Councillor T. Ingham and Mr. H. D. Jones.

Friday - 6.30 p.m.: Castle Square. Punch and Judy Show. 7 p.m.: At the Guild Hall: Variety Concert by the Reveille Company. Chairman Mr. W. A. Summers. Compere, F/O H. King, assisted by P/O W. Spanner. Speaker, Sq/Ldr. J. Moore. 7.15 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.: Castle Square. Massed Choirs of the Necaco Co. Ltd. 7.30 p.m.: Setting of Indicator. Address by the Town Clerk (Mr. W. P. Davies).

Saturday - 11 a.m., 2.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m.: Castle Square. Punch and Judy Show. Aber Fields, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Great Scout Rally, North and South Caernarvonshire Troops. 9.15 p.m.: Final Setting of Indicator. Address by Mr. O. C. Roberts.


During the week Army exhibits will include Small Arms, Signal Equipment, Models, Personal Equipment, etc. Admission Free. A collection box will be available and the amount collected will be given to the Army Benevolent Funds. Shooting Competition arranged by the Home Guard for Service Units in Uniform. Bowls and Tennis Tournaments arranged by Pavilion Committee.


A successful social of Group Secretaries was held at the Royal Hotel on Wednesday night. Mr. O. C. Roberts (chairman of the Executive Committee) welcomed Lord Newborough and Sir Michael Assheton Smith, and said it was encouraging to see that all classes of the community were taking part in the effort Caernarvon was making to break all savings record.

The Mayor also attended.

The Area Secretary (Mr. S. B. Rees) gave a report which showed the splenid work done by Group Secretaries. Apart from the fact that Group membership had been increased by over 1,000, Caernarvon and district had increased its investments in National Savings during the last quarter, to nearly 58,000. Caernarvon and district was now second in the county in this direction. Moreover, the amount invested per head of the population brought Caernarvon fourth in the county and 14th. in the whole of the North Wales area. Much of the credit for this went to Group Secretaries. The Area Secretary said he thought the old borough was fortunate in having such a band of willing workers.

The Town Clerk (Mr. W. Philip Davies), in the course of an inspiring address, said the mighty armageddon had tested them all to the limit; from its fiery furnace this great nation would emerge with a broader vision, stronger character and a more universal mission. Their ideal was to make the world safe for democracy by establishing the reign of law and the ensuring that all nations, in future, will be governed by the same high code of honour as that they demanded from the individuals of this realm. The new generation would lay aside its battle dress for the God inspired task of saving humanity, and with the same spirit of sacrifice as they showed to-day on the battle fields, would engage themselves in the pursuit of peace. War must be eliminated so that nations and men may grow to full stature. To-day, we must think in world terms, and the way to do that was to start with ourselves and our nation. "Can we as individuals make a contribution to world peace; has the Welsh nation a contribution to make?" he asked. "Without hesitation, we reply in the affirmative. Our immediate contribution must be the dedication of self and national resources to the great cause of the liberation of mankind. We are inspired to this dedication by the gallant actions of our servicemen and women on land, sea and in the air; conspicuously they fight for the ideals of our nation. No thought of self deters them in the day of battle. Forward they march, through the seas, over the beaches, across the valleys, over the hills and the high peaks, mowing down opposition, confident of reaching their target. Their resolute determination and spirit of self-sacrifice calls the forces of our nature to a life task. We Salute the Soldier not in words but in deeds. We are dedicated to the task of raising 100,000 of investments during the coming week. The attainment of this target and nothing else, will be the true revelation of our sincerity and determination, and good will towards our King and country."

Entertainment, much enjoyed, was given by the following:- Mr. E. Thomas, Mr. T. J. Owen, Mrs. Moir, Miss Gwyneth Jones and Mr. Jones, St. David's Road. Mr. Penry Williams (High Sheriff) proposed a vote of thanks to all for making the evening such a success, and his remarks were supported by Councillor Robert Evans.


On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Savings campaign, the Town Clerk makes an earnest appeal to all tradesmen to release as many of their employees as possible, so that they may take part in the opening ceremony. In particular, it would be greatly appreciated if members of the Home Guard could be released at 12.45 p.m. and granted leave of absence until 5.15 p.m. The success of the Parade depends on the wholehearted co-operation of every section of the community.


Through the kind permission of Messrs. Jays and Co., House Furnishers, Castle Square, special war pictures from Dunkirk to Sicily will be on view.


The Limerick Competition for Children has far exceeded all expectations, and many hundreds of entries have been received.


Among the messages received wishing success to the campaign are the following:-


The following is a letter received from Mr. Lloyd George dated April 27: "Dear Mr. Town Clerk, - It would be quite impossible for me to attend a meeting at each of the Boroughs in connection with the 'Salute the Soldier' Week, but I wish the effort well. At a time when the soldier is about to be called upon to face the greatest hardship and campaign in the whole war, this is the occasion on which we should each of us do our best to contribute towards his heroic fight."


The following letter was received from General Montgomery's mother:- "It is a very great disappointment to me that I am unable owing to the travel bar to come to Caernarvon on June 17th. I hope your 'Salute the Soldier' week will be a very great success. I feel we cannot do too much to help the gallant men who are fighting for us, and I sincerely hope that when the war is over we shall continue to look after the soldiers, and not let them suffer as they did after the last war. The news of the invasion is grand. I think that never in the history of the world has a battle been begun in such a spirit of prayer from the King downwards, and that will ensure success."


The secretary to Lady Astor writes: "Lady Astor asked me to send you the following message for your 'Salute the Soldier' week: The government may sometimes be wrong - but it is right about 'Salute the Soldier' Week. Anyone who sees our very young men in hospital, back from the front, would feel ashamed of not giving all that they can. But Caernarvon, I know, will not be among the shamefaced, but the proud-faced.


The following was received from the Home Secretary (Mr. Herbert Morrison):- "I am interested to hear from you of the 'Salute the Soldier' week which the Caernarvon and District Local Savings Committee are holding during the period from 17th. - 24th. June. There is no need for me to stress the importance of savings, and I am sure that, particularly in present circumstances, there will be an enthusiastic response to your committee's appeal to the public to show the regard in which they hold the Army by doing their utmost to make the Caernarvon and District 'Salute the Soldier' week a triumphant success. I send you my best wishes for the success of your efforts."


Sir H. Morris Jones, M.P., writes:- "All good wishes to the old borough of Caernarvon in its coming efforts. It has been a long and tedious journey, and in the words of General Montgomery, 'We are all tired of the war and want to finish it.' There are signs that the end cannot be very far away now. When our men are making the greatest sacrifice of all, it is not much for us at home to lend what we can. Moreover, it is in our own self-interest to do so. The people of North Wales may well feel also that they owe something additional for the merciful deliverance that that happy portion of the Principality has so far had from the depravations of the enemy. The capital of Gwalia will, I trust, this time, surpass even its best previous record."


"Now is the time to support our fighting Armies with all we have. I wish all success to your 'Salute the Soldier' week."


Sir James Grigg (Secretary for War) in a message, says:- "You will be proud as I am in these stirring days to demonstrate our coinfidence and pride in our valiant Armies by supporting the 'Salute the Soldier' campaign. I am sure that the result of Caernarvon week will be a salute worthy of the soldier."


A correspondent writes:- "The Army Exhibitions are of two kinds, each taking its name from the theme it represents. "Before the Battle" Exhibition to be shown in the district deals with Army life at the front and behind the front previous to battle. A number of attractive illuminated screens with coloured photographs showing various phases of army life and conditions are the main feature of the display. Branches of Army activity shown include Transport, Signals, Armour, Artillery, Pay Corps, Sappers, Radio, Reconnaissance, Air Support, Welfare, Parachutes, A.T.S., and Medical Services. Exhibits of actual weapons and equipment used by the Army to-day include mortars, 'phone and radio sets, medical supplies, and soldiers' clothing for different climates and conditions. One of the most unusual and interesting exhibits is the "Wellbike," a miniature folding motor-cycle used by parachute troops when they land. "The History of the British Soldier" Exhibition is a personal tribute to our men and women in the Army and A.T.S. Those who visit the Army Exhibitions will be able to get a comprehensive idea of the story of the British Army and of the immense variety of weapons, equipment, and activity that modern battles require. In addition to exhibits mentioned the following will also demonstrate to the war savers of Britain how their money helps our unrivalled troops with the latest and most efficient material "to finish the job." Portable radio sets, mobile telephone exchange, loudspeaking telephone, mines exploder, Polar and Tropical outfits, Tommy cooker, and blood transfusion outfit.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 23rd. 1944.




A colourful array of flags and bunting overhanging the streets, draping the fronts of business premises and hanging from upper-storey windows, the glitter of the wind instruments of five bands, an impressive march past of a long procession representative of the Armed Forces and various organisations, and the town square filled to capacity by a huge crowd remimiscent of some of the great peace-time functions - that was the scene at Caernarvon on Saturday, the opening day of the Caernarvon and District "Salute the Soldier" Week.

Long before the parade started thousands of people had gathered in Castle Square, and the police were fully occupied in keeping open the avenues reserved for the procession. Some used their cars to get a grandstand view, while others looked on from upper-storey windows. The square was a sea of faces stretching down Castle Hill in the direction of the Quay. Crossing the square was a ticklish problem - one had to make wide detours, often to find the way blocked.

There were many children among the crowd; some of the girls wore red white and blue ribbons in their hair, while all proudly displayed their Union Jacks. It was obvious that many were watching a parade for the first time. One saw their faces glowing when, to the beating of drums and band music, the various contingents marched into position in the upper end of the Square. Prominent among the uniformed ranks was a large white golden-horned billy goat - the mascot of the Home Guard. It walked with the airs of one long-accustomed to parades. The contingents were headed by three Home Guard dispatch riders.

On the balcony outside the Castle Hotel and behind the indicator and the stage, stood a Commando soldier, complete with camouflage and blackened face, and a Welsh Guardsman in his scarlet and black uniform.


The Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips) and members of the Town Council dressed in their robes of office mounted the platform, accompanied by the principal speakers - Brigadier Rance and Sir Goronwy Owen, M.P.

Introducing the speakers the Mayor expressed the hope that Caernarvon would surpass all previous efforts.

After the Town Clerk (Mr. Philip Davies) had read a number of messages, including one from Mr. Lloyd George wishing success to the campaign, Brigadier Rance addressed the crowd. He said: "I am deeply honoured to be called here to-day to address you in this "Salute the Soldier" campaign in this ancient home of British culture. This is the fourth year in which we have been called upon to contribute our savings to the Government. We started with 'War Weapons' Week, which was to provide the services with large numbers of arms and equipment of all kinds. We followed that up with the 'Navy Week,' which was to provide the Navy with craft when the U-boats were the greatest menace. Last year we had 'Wings for Victory,' which was to provide the R.A.F. with a flow of bombers and fighters, which have carried the war into the heart of Germany and will continue to do so until Germany is vanquished. This year we have taken as a slogan 'Salute the Soldier.' We could not devise a better slogan. Four years ago the Army was short of equipment and short in numbers, and it took many hard knocks everywhere, culminating in Dunkirk. There were setbacks in Hong Kong, in Singapore, in Burma, and to start with in Libya. Then the tide turned, we began to get the numbers of men with equipment, we kicked the Germans out of Africa, and we were in the process of kicking them out of Italy. And to-day we had witnessed the first phase of the greatest campaign that the British Empire had been asked to undertake - the invasion of the Continent. This was only a prelude until the Army carried the war into Germany. Our soldiers were the best fighting men in the world. They have got the skill, the endurance and the courage, and I am sure that they will feel heartened if they knew that they have the whole confidence of the nation behind them. I know that your feeling is 100,000, but don't let us stop at that. Might I induce some of the ladies who walk into the shops to buy new dresses or hats to put that aside and to put their money in saving certificates."


Major Sir Goronwy Owen, who was accompanied by Lady Owen, said:- "This is the fourth campaign of this character that has occurred during this horrible war. You in Caernarvon and district - I must not forget the district because the district is what belongs to my constituency - you have done extraordinarily well. You have contributed out of your savings to enable our Forces to be properly equipped, to be properly trained, to be made ready for the great struggle, the great fight which has now started on the Continent of Europe. War is a strange thing. It makes captives of us all; there is not a single person present here to-day, but has had some of his liberty reduced by this war, and I am asking you here this afternoon to consider what these privileges which you are enjoying to-day are worth for each one of you individually. It is true as I have said, that you did well in 'War Weapons Week,' I think you did better in that than in any other week. Gradually your target has been set at a lower level. That is what I have found practically throughout the country. May I make one serious appeal to you to-day. Let your target, which is nominally 100,000 compare with what you actually did in 'War Weapons Week.'"

Proceeding, the speaker said that the war was entering a more furious phase than we had ever experienced. "How long it will last I do not know," said Sir Goronwy, "but I do know this - that every extra penny you contribute will help to bring the war to a speedier termination." The sacrifice asked for was little in comparison with what the men in the Forces had done. There was hardly any one who did not have someone in the Army. "I therefore ask you with every confidence to show your faith, to show your loyalty to your own kith and kin this week. In particular show the men serving in the various sections of the Army that you are with them, ready to stand by their elbows, to help them in this fight to redeem the world from the captivity of war and to lead it once more into the freedom of peace.

Speaking in Welsh, Sir Goronwy Owen said that the campaign should be the greatest effort yet made. The cause towards which they were asked to lend their money was a most worthy one. "All of you have loved ones in some section or other of the Army or Navy or Air Force, and I appeal to you to make a greater effort this time than you have ever done before. There is need for money; more than that, the money which you contribute as a loan to the government will be a demonstration of our belief and confidence in those who are fighting for us. Everyone in this district is a little better off than he was before the war. Contribute from that, and contribute until it means some sacrifice."

The Mayor then announced that the following sums had been received:- Mr. Summers (representing Messrs. Necaco), 10,000; Messrs. John Roberts & Son, Greengate Iron Works, Caernarvon, 1,000; Liverpool Friendly Society, 2,000; Pearl Insurance Company, 5,000; Halifax Building Society, 2,500; National Pharmaceutical Union, 1,000; North Wales Steamship Company, 1,000; Straits Company, Caernarvon, 1,000; C. & M. Fisheries, Caernarvon, 500; Caernarvon Co-operative Society, 1,500; the Co-operative Society, 1,000; Mrs. Richard Hughes, Edge Hill, 8,000; "Herald" Office, Caernarvon, 1,000; Liverpool and Globe Insurance Company, 1,000; Major and Mrs. W. Lloyd Griffith, 1,700; Caernarvon Brickworks Ltd., 1,500.

This meant that over one quarter of the 100,000 aimed at had been subscribed on the opening day. With this excellent start the promoters are confident that the final results will exceed expectations.

The ceremony was concluded with the playing of "Land of Hope and Glory" by an R.A.F. Band; the "Welsh National Anthem" by the Home Guard Band, and the National Anthem by the Band of the Royal Marines.

The parade then marched past the saluting base, where the salute was taken by Brigadier H. E. Rance, accompanied by the Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips). The parade organiser and marshall was Captain E. W. Hughes.


The Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips) speaking on the occasion of moving the indicator on Monday night, said: The military situation this week indicates that the crisis of the war is upon Germany and that there is now no chance of victory for her. She is fighting a losing battle and cannot recover. The British Army in France is fighting the Germans and have already destroyed more than 15 divisions. In Italy, Alexander gives Kesselring no respite at all, and we are gaining steady control in Italy. The Soviet Army is overcoming the Finns. Germany has found out that she cannot raise another Army, and she is slowly but surely being vanquished. We are out to break all previous records to show our loyalty to the men who are fighting that you are behind them in this struggle.

A large crowd attended a cinema matinee at the Majestic and Guild Hall Cinemas. This was followed in the evening by a Home Guard display in Castle Square and a whist drive at the Liberal Club, where the speaker was Mr. O. C. Roberts. The speaker during the setting of the indicator was the Deputy Mayor (Councillor J. Peters) who made a strong appeal to the public to make the campaign a great success.


During the ceremony of setting the indicator on Wednesday evening, the High Sheriff (Mr. Penri Williams) announced through the loudspeaker that the town and district had reached what might be termed the half-way stage in the savings week. "You have done well," he added, "but we must not rest content with our target figure of 100,000; it can and must be exceeded by many tens of thousands by next Saturday evening. Let us try to bring it up to an average of 15 per head of the population so as to show beyond all doubt our unstinted appreciation of the sacrifice and accomplishments of our boys who are on the field of battle. We want 150,000 at least."

To those who described the Savings Campaigns as pure humbug or just a stunt, Mr. Penri Williams said: "A better description would be the Second Battle of Britain. By winning it we stand a good chance of saving ourselves from monetary inflation resulting in soaring prices as experienced after the last war, unemployment and a dozen other forms of economic disasters. Remember also that by winning it we assist in maintaining the value of what we have already saved." He concluded with an appeal for a still greater savings effort.

The Mayor then announced that the savings up to Tuesday evening amounted to 74,000, of which 3,000 represented small savings.

Last night a display was given in Castle Square by the National Fire Service, and a dance was held at the Royal Hotel.

This evening there will be a Punch and Judy show at Castle Square, a variety concert at the Guild Hall, followed by an hour of music by the mass choirs of the Necaco Ltd.

Other attractions during the week were an Army exhibition, a shooting competition and bowls and tennis tournaments.


Speaking during the moving of the indicator last night Alderman W. G. Williams (chairman of the Publicity Committee) said: "Since that memorable Sunday in September 1939, when war broke out, many countries have been ravaged all over the world. In our own country thousands of people have been killed and injured. Thousands of homes have been bombed or burnt out. In this part of the country we have, fortunately, lived in comparative peace and comfort. We have, therefore, much to be thankful for, but sometimes I fear that we do not realise our good fortune, and the debt that we owe to our young people for standing bravely between us and a strong, cruel, ruthless enemy. Let us take the opportunity afforded us this week of showing our appreciation and grateful thanks to our soldiers, sailors and airmen by investing every penny we can afford to enable the war to be carried on successfully and to an early end, so that those who are fighting the battles may return to their homes and enjoy the blessings of peace. My appeal is especially directed to the small investors - those who cannot afford more than a few shillings or a few pounds, we cannot reach the target without you.

Of the 103,075 invested up to Wednesday evening 41,390 represented small savings.


The local schools deserve special praise for their contribution to the week's effort. Up to last night the infants (under 6) at the Infants Council School had contributed 1,500 - a very fine record. The target set by the children of the National School was 1,000, and up to a late hour last night 800 had been invested. With one day still to go the Caernarvon County School had up to last night invested 627 11s., thus passing the target figure of 500. Caernarvon Central School pupils (target 200) had invested over 300 up to last night.

Other school results up to this morning:-

Boys' Council School (target 300): 258 8s. 1d.

Girls' Council School (target 500): 700.


On Saturday evening, at Castle Square, a special display of Highland dancing was given by the dancers and pipers of the Scots Guards. This was followed by a grand opening dance at the Royal Hotel. A large crowd assembled on the promenade on Sunday evening to hear the band of the Home Guard and the Crosville Male Voice Choir (conductor, Mr. Richard Jones).


On Monday evening a demonstration was given in Castle Square by the Home Guard. The different means of communication between Headquarters and outside units were on view, and demonstration given in their use. The commentary was made by Capt. T. Holloway, the 3rd. Caerns. H.G. (Adjutant). Following the Signals' demonstration a realistic demonstration of a "fighting squad in attack" was given by the Home Guard. Capt. Claridge, "A" Company, explained the procedure step by step up to the final phase. The work of the squad who gave the demonstration, was highly praised by the spectators.

On Tuesday evening, in Castle Square, the Home Guard gave an exhibition of the fire weapons with which they are being trained. Capt. Holloway again explained each weapon in detail. Home Guard officers and P.S.I. and Home Guard instructors explained the weapons to a large crowd of interested spectators.

This evening and to-morrow afternoon the "A" Coy. 3rd. Caerns. Home Guard are holding a .22 miniature range firing competition, the proceeds of which will go towards the "Salute the Soldier" campaign.

On Wednesday evening there was a display by a cadet battalion of the R.W.F., and a whist drive at the Necaco Club, during which the Mayor gave an address.


The first of the series of whist drives was held last Tuesday evening at the Liberal Club. During the interval Mr. O. C. Roberts, Plas y Bryn, stressed the need for saving and appealed to all to give what they could to enable Caernarvon to beat previous records. The Mayor presented the prizes to the following:- Ladies: 1, Mrs. Roberts; 2, Mrs. F. Robinson; 3, Mrs. H. Bridges, consolation, Miss J. Owen. Gents: 1, Miss Olwen Jones (acting gent); 2, Mr. E. Roberts (Leeds House); 3, Mr. T. R. Morris; consolation, Mr. R. Davies. Special prize winners: Mrs. Jones, Newborough Street and Corporal McCloughlin. The M.C. was Divisional Warden, Mr. T. R. Owen.

The results of Wednesday evening's whist drive at the Necaco Social Club were: Ladies: 1, Mrs. M. H. Pritchard; 2, Mrs. B. Hughes; 3, Miss C. K. Williams; consolation, Mrs. R. Jones. Gents: 1, Mr. Trevor Williams; 2, Mr. G. Pierce; 3, Mr. O. R. Jones; consolation, Mrs. E. J. Roberts (acting gent). The Mayoress presented the prizes, and during the interval the Mayor addressed the players. Special prizes were presented by Mrs. S. H. Rees, Bryn Heulog, Segontium Road South; Mrs. Bonner Pritchard, and Mr. Harding. The M.C. was Mr. T. R. Owen, Divisional Warden, assisted by Mr. H. Turton.


The starred turn of the week was the comic football match played last evening on the County School ground. Members of the Services team were dressed and made up as a "Hollywood Beauty Chorus" and those of the Civil Defence were of various characters. A clever and witty running commentary was broadcast on the field by Mr. Dick Williams (G.P.O.), and the duties of M.C. were cleverly and comically carried out by Warden D. R. Williams. The Civil Defence team was captained by Head Warden J. R. Edwards, and composed of Divisional Warden T. R. Owen, Wardens Turton, T. J. Owen, White Phillips, Tilley, the Rev. T. D. Wiliams, Price Francis, Senior Messengers Elwyn Owen and David Richards. The Services team was captained in a miraculous manner by the "Golfer" (F/O Lockey). The referee was Mr. Oris Barton, who was suitably dressed in top hat and tails and the effects were created by members of the Red Cross. The linesman was Warden W. Whiskin, the trainers being Wardens Daniel Griffith, R. A. Pritchard, F/O's Bennett and Lockey. One of the most amusing incidents of the match was the goal which was scored against the Services team by "Flossie" (the Divisional Warden) off a penalty kick. The actual result of the match cannot be given as no record of the goals scored was kept. The kick off was taken by the Mayor, who was presented to the teams by their captains and was handed a bouquet (cauliflower) by Warden Nancy.


By Wednesday evening the target had been exceeded by over 3,000, the actual figure invested up to then being 103,075. Amounts invested on each day up to last night:

Saturday: 23,179
Monday: 23,320
Tuesday: 27,643
Wednesday: 28,933

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 23rd. 1944.


To the Editor of "The Herald"

Sir, - It is with profound satisfaction that we are able to announce the excellent result of our Campaign, up to last night. Our target figure of 100,000 has been exceeded by 3,000. This result prompts us to make a special appeal to the residents of Caernarvon and district not to relax their efforts during the remaining part of the week, as the Executive Committee is most anxious that all previous records should be surpassed. From year to year, our totals have steadily advanced, reaching a peak of 125,000 in our "Wings for Victory" Campaign. We are truly grateful to all those who have assisted in our great effort, but we would ask them to continue with their tasks unabatedly until every investment possible has been procured. In this way, and only in this way, can we obtain a final amount which will remain a cause of satisfaction to us throughout the years following the defeat of the enemies of mankind. - Yours, etc.

H. R. PHILLIPS (Mayor)
O. C. ROBERTS (Chairman Local National Savings Committee)

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: June 30th. 1944.



Caernarvon and district succeeded in doubling its "Salute the Soldier" objective of 100,000. The final figure which became known at the beginning of the week, amounted to 200,296, exceeded all expectations. It was announced on Saturday evening that the total up to then amounted to 185,000, but still more money was expected. By reaching the magnificent total of over 200,000 the town and district has brought the grand total in the various Savings campaigns to 1,100,296 - a very praiseworthy effort.

Behind the campaign, which closed last Saturday, was a great deal of hard but quiet work by the Area Savings Committee, under its chairman, Mr. O. C. Roberts. The success of the campaign is largely due to the efforts of the committee and its energetic secretary, Mr. S. B. Rees, Caernarvon head postmaster.

Starting off with 23,179, nearly one quarter of the total amount aimed at, invested on the opening day, the objective had been exceeded by over 3,000 by Wednesday evening, the actual amount up to then being 103,075.

The total continued to mount by leaps and bounds until on Saturday evening the Mayor was able to announce from Castle Square that 185,000 had been invested.

The figures at the end of each day were:-

Saturday: 23,179
Monday: 46, 499
Tuesday: 74,142
Wednesday: 103,075
Thursday: 120,000
Friday: 144,000
Saturday: 185,000
Final Result: 200, 296

His official announcement caused jubilation among the large crowd gathered in front of the indicator in Castle Square on Saturday evening.

On Friday, in moving the indicator, the Town Clerk (Mr. W. P. Davies) said: "At this very moment our men are locked in the greatest and grimest fight in human history. At home, we have but the faintest conception of this mortal struggle, yet we can appreciate and realise that the future progress of mankind depends entirely on the final result of this mighty armageddon. The high peaks, hills and green valleys of France today re-echo the peal of our artillery, and the very foundations of the fortress of Europe have been shaken, its outer battlements destroyed. Nothing can stem the onward march of our liberating armies. In this area we have maintained our proud reputation by already surpassing our target of 100,000, and now we move forward, confident that our final figure will ever remain a cause for proud remembrance and an inspiration to ourselves and the unborn generations who will follow in our trail."

Mr. O. C. Roberts, having moved the indicator on Saturday night, said: "The War Savings Campaign was started four years ago, and I am proud of having had the honour of being associated with it for the whole of the time. In this movement we have felt that we have been able, in some measure, to join hands with our soldiers, sailors and airmen, in the great sacrifice that they are making to preserve freedom, and to retain individuality within our shores and throughout the British Empire. We have concluded a most successful week: not that we have finished our Savings Campaign. We are not going to give up until the job is finished, but I would just like to tell you what has already been done. At our first special week we had a target of 80,000; we saved 116,105; our second, "Warships Week," our target was 70,000, we saved 122,914. Our third was "Wings for Victory" Week. Our target was 80,000, and we saved 125,377. Now, our fourth attempt is "Salute the Soldier" week. Who could ever allow himself to forget what the soldier has done and is doing in this great struggle for existence. We had the courage this time to raise our target from 80,000 to a 100,000, and even to do better than we did last year, but the result has exceeded our most sanguine expectations. We have this time gone far beyond our best limit and this is not all, there is still more to come - an average of over 14 per head of the inhabitants of Caernarvon and district. This is the result of the most perfect co-operation on the part of everybody concerned. In 1940 the total was 155,884; in 1941, 270,138; in 1942, 241,691; in 1943, 249,780; a total up to the beginning of this year of 917,493, leaving only 82,507 to reach the million pounds. We have not only done this, but have exceeded it by over 100,000. What better message could we give to our boys at the front."

After announcing that the total up to then amounted to 185,000, the Mayor said this was not the final figure. He added his appreciation of the efforts of the committee and the people of Caernarvon and district for the splendid way they had responded to the appeals.

Other speakers were the Deputy Mayor (Councillor John Peters), the High Sheriff (Mr. Penry Williams), the Town Clerk (Mr. W. Philip Davies); the area secretary (Mr. S. B. Rees), and Mr. W. Spanner. There were also present Sir Goronwy Owen and Lady Owen.

A striking feature of the campaign was that 85,806 of the total invested represented small savings. The Boys' and Girls' and Infants' Council Schools alone invested 9,210.

The target set for the Roman Catholic School was 400. During the week this figure was exceeded by over 900. The total saved and invested by St. Helen's Catholic School National Savings Group within the week was 1,308. The teachers and scholars are to be congratulated on this achievement and likewise all members of the Catholic community who have invested through this Savings Group.


Among National Savings Groups that passed their target during our "Salute the Soldier" Week, is the 2nd. Caernarvon Air Scouts Savings Group. This group, under the command of Mr. D. R. Williams (Boots Cash Chemists) and Mr. F. White Phillips (Midland Bank), was formed in May. The target at them was 10, but they reached the grand total of 60 1s.


Mr. O. C. Roberts, chairman of the Caernarvon Executive National Savings Committee, has received the following telegram from Lord Kindersley, President of the Natonal Savings Movement, and Sir Harold Mackintosh, Chairman:-

"Congratualtions on success of your "Salute the Soldier" Week. To you and all those associated with you in this effort we send our warm thanks and best wishes."

Capt. Hamer Harris, Commissioner for North Wales, writes to Mr. Roberts:-

"May I add (to those of the President, Lord Kindersley) my thanks to you and all members of your Committee and other workers, for your untiring efforts to make a complete success of your "Salute the Soldier" Week? Although I know that to all our workers the result itself, with its value to the country and to our Armed forces, is thanks enough, I should be obliged if you would voice this expression of thanks at your next meeting."


The Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips) has received the following letter from the Chancellor of the Exchequer:- "Warmest congratulations on the success of your "Salute the Soldier" Week. Please convey my thanks to all concerned in this achievement - John Anderson."


The following awards were made in the Limerick Competition for school children (adjudicator, Mr. Hugh Griffith, B.A.):-


Said a budding young driver of tanks
To his pals on the Anzio banks:
"We've no cause to flurry
And no need to worry"

1. Neville W. Jones, Boys' Council (2 5s): "We're 'Targets,' but these 'Home Ones,': Whew!! Thanks!!!"

2. B. Pinn, County (1 10s): "Because Savings will Safeguard our Flanks."

3. Terence Kelly, Moriah (20s.): "At Home They Are All Saving - No Blanks." Gwyneth Morris, Girls' Council (20s.): "While the 'Folks at Home' Bank All; - No Blanks."

John E. Jones, National (15s.): "They're Saluting with Money - Their Thanks." Mair Ll. Owen, Bontnewydd (15s.): "For at Home They 'Salute' Us, in Thanks." Marion E. Roberts, Saron, Llanwnda (15s.): "Home, They're Working and Winning Our Thanks." Katie Wyn Roberts, Central (15s.): "We'll Put 'Paid' to Old Jerry - 'With Thanks'." Patrick Owen, St. Helen's R.C. (15s.): "For We Fight Side by Side With the Yanks."

Francis Harrison, Moriah (5s.); W. J. Sharp (5s.); Elizabeth Hallwood (5s.).

Thomas Edward Davies, Rhostryfan (7s. 6d.); George Smithers (7s. 6d.).

Jean M. Williams, Caernarvon County (5s.); Gordon Brown (5s.); S. Richardson (5s.).

Rita Walch, Cae Athro (7s. 6d.); Beti Williams (7s. 6d.).

Maureen Peters, Min y Don (5s.); Margaret E. Northwood (5s.); Nita Lloyd Jones (5s).

Marion Humphreys, Bethel Council (7s. 6d.); Margaret Wyn Wiliams (7s. 6d.).

Dwynwen Jones, Caernarvon Council, Infants (5s.).

Hugh Dop, Port Dinorwic Nat. (7s. 6d.); Eirwen Hughes (7s. 6d.).

Billy Rear, Waenfawr (7s. 6d.); Gwen Lewis (7s. 6d.).

Medi Edwards, Girls' Council (5s.); Doreen Wiliams (5s.); Freda Fitter (5s.).

Kenneth Davies, Boys' Council (5s.); Roger Shakeshaft (5s.); Eric Phillips (5s.).

John Barton, Port Dinorwic Council (5s.); Brenda Lloyd Jones (5s.); Kathleen Smith (5s.).


382, 981, 2109

and the Doll presented by Miss Williams, New Street, Caernarvon, was won by 24D (Mrs. Williams, 9, Glan Beuno, Bontnewydd).

Prizes will be sent to the schools next week, and claims for lucky numbers will be received at Briggs' Chambers.


Rhosgadfan (objective 1,000), 1,400.

Rhostryfan (whose campaign was interrupted by the indisposition of the organiser, Mrs. T. D. Parry), 526 14s.

Portdinorwic (objective 8,000), over 14,000.

Llanberis (including Llanrug, Cwmyglo, Deiniolen and Brynrefail) objective 30,000; over 45,000. Of this sum 7,700 came from Llanrug, whose objective was 7,000.

Waenfawr (objective 1,500), over 5,000.

Caeathraw: Over 1,000.

Cwmyglo (objective 2,500): Over 4,000.


The competition in connection with the Welsh doll kindly presented to the committee of the "Salute the Soldier" campaign by Miss Williams, New Street, Caernarvon, drew a large number of entrants. The holder of the ticket numbered 24D was the successful competitor. The doll may be had at 5 and 7 Pool Street, Caernarvon. The sum of 21 was realised.


Caernarvon Royal Observer Corps more than doubled its target of 600, the actual figure invested being 1,551 17s. 11d. The greater part of this sum was in small savings.


The Caernarvon Land Army Club and the Vaynol land girls had a parade and fancy stall at the sports held at Vaynol on Thursday of last week, and the sum of 31 2s. 3d. was realised. This was handed over to the Portdinorwic "Salute the Soldier" Committee. This special voluntary effort by the land girls deserves the highest parise. All the fancy articles were hand-made by the land girls.

From the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald: July 7th. 1944.



A most successful function was held at the Royal Hotel Ballroom last evening, under the auspices of the local Executive Committee of the National Savings Movement, to celebrate the outstanding achievement of the Salute the Soldier Campaign.

The Mayor presided, and a fine programme of musical items was sustained by Madam Katie Jones, Mr. Evan Jones (Brynrefail), Mr. R. H. Jones (Deiniolen), Miss Gwyneth Jones, Mr. James and Mr. Walter Haworth.

Mr. O. C. Roberts (chairman) congratulated the district on the result of the week, and paid tribute to the organisers and praised the group secretaries for exemplary devotion, enthusiasm and seal, reflected in the total of small savings - 85,806.

Mr. S. H. Rees, Area Secretary, who was exceptionally well received, referred to the campaign in most eulogistic terms, and emphasised that the campaign culminated the work of a year of arduous labour by the group secretaries, to whom the greater part of the credit for the success of this work was due. He also praised the group wardens. Councillor Robert Evans, Messrs. O. T. Owen, T. S. Rowlands, Llewelyn Griffith, O. W. Rees Williams (treasurer of the movement); the recording officer, Mr. Walter Haworth; joint secretaries, Mrs. Douglas, Mr. Spanner, Town Clerk; Entertainment Committee, chairman and secretaries, Mrs. Siddall, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. S. H. Rees. Reference was made to Mr. Siddall's indisposition and the hope expressed for his early recovery; also the Publicity Committee; chairman, Alderman W. G. Williams; secretary, Mr. T. H. Page. Schools: chairman, Mr. D. R. Jones; secretary, Miss M. Parry; all the committee members, including the members of the committees of the outlying villages; Mr. Penry Williams (High Sheriff) for his excellent work in preparing the written appeals; the Mayor (Councillor H. R. Phillips) and the Mayoress, who deserved special tribute for their unflagging support throughout the week, and the many months of preparation; likewise the chairman (Mr. O. C. Roberts), and the vice-chairman (Canon Thomas Jones).

The speakers at the function were Mr. Bennett, O.B.E., Colwyn Bay, Regional Representative on the National Savings Committee; Mrs. Elsie Chamberlain, Bangor; Canon Thomas Jones, Squadron Leader Moore, Town Clerk, Mr. W. Spanner.

Mr. T. J. Rowlands, seconded by Mr. O. W. Rees Williams proposed a vote of thanks to all who had taken part, and to Mrs. Griffith, Royal Hotel, for her kindness in allowing the use of the ballroom free of charge, and Mr. A. C. Pike for the special lighting arrangements, and the local W.V.S. for undetaking the catering arrangements.

Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944 Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944
Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944 Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944
Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944 Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944
Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944 Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944
Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944 Salute the Soldier Week Opening Day parade - 17th. June 1944
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