The Repository of all Things Historical for the Ancient Welsh Town of Carnarvon

  Castle Square, Carnarvon. Published by Williams & Hughes, Bridge Steet, 1850



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This is a list of subscribers to the Rev. P. B. Williams's book, "The Tourist's Guide Through the County of Caernarvon, Containing a Short Sketch of its History, Antiquities, &c.," and published by J. Hulme, Turf Square, Carnarvon. 1821.

It is far from being a complete list of the inhabitants of the town, but it does at least give us the names of some of the more important ones.

Beresford Esq.
Mr. Bettiss, Hotel
Mr. Black, Organist
Edward Carreg Esq.
Mr. Day, Schoolmaster
Mr. J. Davies, Slate Merchant
Mr. Davies, Mercer
J. Evans Esq., Solicitor
J. G. Evans Esq.
Mr. Evan Evans, Solicitor
Mr. E. Evans, Shopkeeper
Mr. R. Evans, Grocer
Mr. Owen Ellis
Mr. Fleming, Green
Mr. Edmund Francis
R. Garnons Esq.
Joseph Goddard Esq.
Mr. H. Griffith, Druggist
Captain Haslam
Lieutenant Hughes
Mr. Hughes, Merchant
Mr. Hughes, Goat Inn
Mrs. Hartwell, Post Office
Mr. Humphreys, Customs
Mr. William Jones, Attorney
Mr. Robert Jones, Shopkeeper
Mr. Owen Jones, Merchant
Mr. Jones, Currier
Mr. John Jones, Goaler
Mr. Richard Jones, Union
Mr. Lloyd, Collector of Excise
Mr. John Lloyd, Architect
W. Mason Esq. M. D.
Mr. Morgan, Bank
Mr. Millington
E. Owen Esq.
Captain Robert Owen
Rev. G. Owen
Mr. Owen, Attorney
Mr. Owen, Druggist
Mr. W. Owen, Shopkeeper
Captain Parry R. N.
John Price Esq., Solicitor
Mr. Edward Price
Mr. Powell, Customs
Mr. Preece, Schoolmaster
Mr. Payne, Liquor Merchant
Mr. Parry, Harp
Robert Roberts Esq., Bank
Mr. John Roberts, Surgeon
Mr. W. Roberts, Surgeon, Green
Mr. H. Roberts
Mr. Richards, Tailor
Mr. Richardson
Mrs. Roberts, Glass Shop
Captain Sewell
Rice Thomas Esq., Coed Helen
William Turner Esq., Parkia
Rev. J. W. Trevor
Mr. Titterton
Mr. Thomas, Surgeon
Mr. Toleman, Watchmaker
Richard Williams Esq., Solicitor
W. Williams Esq., Solicitor
Robert Williams Esq., Solicitor
Mr. Williams, Druggist
Mr. I. Williams, Shopkeeper
Mr. Robert Williams, Shopkeeper
Mr. Williams, Pool Street
Mr. Williams, Plumber
Mr. Wakeman
Mr. Owen Wynne
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