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From the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald: December 26th. 1885.


The tradesmen of Carnarvon have not, this year, displayed the same energy as formerly in decorating the windows of their establishments, and, so far as the shops are concerned, there is but little to indicate the festive season. The extensive establishment of the Nelson Emporium (Mr. Lewis Lewis) is an exception to the rule, for the windows there are so attractively dressed as to gain general admiration. The chief objects of attention are three handsome ball dresses, procured especially for the occasion. The dresses are of cream and white lace, embroidered with real lace, and adorned, one with pink ribbons and flowers, the second with blue, and the third with maroon, the shoulders being covered with white Indian shawls. There were also exhibited window curtains of artistic designs and variegated colours, whilst in the other windows were real lace collarettes, and a large assortment of Christmas presents.

The good taste displayed in the dressing of all the windows is much admired. Messrs. Pierce and Williams, of the well-known "Golden Goat," are in no way behind hand in their Christmas show, and their always-attractive windows are sure to come in for a large share of admiration. They prove how very extensive and varied is their stock, and attract popular notice by a show of just those things which the bulk of visitors to town, on Christmas purchases intent, are likely to require. Chief among their goods are to be noted a quantity of nun's veilings, evening dresses, and Christmas cards, and their well-varied assortment of seasonable toys.

A pair of very handsome oil-painting, and the medals to be presented to the victorious football players at Pant on Saturday, are exhibited in the windows of Mr. E. H. Owen's establishment in Bridge-street, and succeeds in attracting crowds of spectators. Messrs. Bryan Brothers, so well-known for their enterprise in business and their well-chosen stock of goods, have very suitably decorated the windows of their establishment, among the novelties exhibited being artificial plants in rustic pots. An excellent assortment of scarfs, collars, and ties adorn the windows of the Liver Establishment, and are very generally admired. The establishments of Messrs. O. D. Jones, Bon Marche; D. Roberts, Castle-square, and W. Jones, Pool-street, have also been very suitably decorated.

On the whole the butchers have a splendid assortment of meat to offer their customers, and Mr. Henry Owen, Bridge-street; Mr. D. Evans, Bee Hive, and Mr. E. Parry, Pool-street, have gained high praise for the excellence of their stock. Of course, the grocers are not behind-hand. Mr. J. R. Pritchard, of the Tea Mart, Pool-street, has succeeded in dressing his windows in a most becoming manner, as has also his next door neighbour, Mr. H. Pritchard, Pool-street Market, whose establishment is famous for the quality and cheapness of its goods. Messrs. Evans and Lake, in Bridge-street, and Messrs. Thomas Lewis and Co., in High-street, also deserve creditable mention. Mr. Andrew Anderson has a choice stock of fruit on exhibition in Pool-street, his establishment being one of the most attractive in the street. Mr. J. C. Rowlands, bookseller, Castle-square, exhibits a varied assortment of Christmas Cards of the newest designs. In the confectionery line, the lead is taken by Mrs. Pownall and Mrs. Owen, Bangor-street, who have adorned the windows of their respective shops in a most attractive manner. Paternoster Buildings, the extensive establishment of Mr. Hugh Humphreys, Castle-square, was the centre of attraction in that part of the town, the assortment of Christmas novelties exhibited in the windows being both varied and well selected.


On Friday last, the following petition was presented by Mr. Walter Hughes, of the North and South Wales Bank, and Mr. John Jones, wine merchant, to his Worship the Mayor (Ald. Lewis Lewis):-

We, the undersigned, being ratepayers of this town, respectfully beg to draw your Worship's attention to the desirability of observing Saturday, the 26th inst., the day following Christmas, as a general holiday in the town, as in other neighbouring towns. With a view to such an end, we would ask your Worship to issue an announcement forthwith to the effect that the market day in that week will be on Thursday, the 24th (the day preceeding Christmas). We feel sure you will, with your usual readiness, accede to the wishes of the ratepayers in this matter.

The petition was signed by 122 of the leading ratepayers, among whom were Messrs. Walter Hughes, North and South Wales Bank; Morgan Lloyd and Son, Castle-square; E. Jones and Co., Bridge-street; M. T. Morris, Liver Establishment; J. R. Pritchard, Tea Mart; R. Newton, slate merchant; Dr. W. J. Williams, Turf-square; Alderman G. R. Rees, Old Bank; Messrs. O. D. Jones, Bon Marche; Evan H. Owen, auctioneer; J. O. Jones, wine merchant; Bryan Bros., Bridge-street; J. C. Rowlands, Castle-square; W. Hamer, pawnbroker; J. R. Hughes, Brondre; Alderman W. P. Williams, Turf-square; J. Pugh, Sportsman Hotel; J. P. Gregory, Segontium-terrace; J. Rees, Wellington-terrace; R. Williams, Brunswick Buildings; Cadwaladr Williams, Leeds House; T. Williams, Golden Goat; John Davies (Gwyneddon), District Bank; Dr. Owen, High-street; T. Jones and Co., confectioners; Owen Morris, ironmonger; William Morgan, currier; W. Jarret Roberts, James Covell, Hole-in-the-wall-street; J. R. Edwards, printer; S. J. Bibby, Palace-street; and W. Lloyd Griffith, corn merchant.

We understand that his worship, having duly considered the petition, could not see his way clear to acede thereto; and further expressed himself averse to closing his drapery establishment on Saturday. A


was held in the Pavilion on Monday evening, for the purpose of submitting the matter to the general public. The Rev. J. W. Wynne Jones, M.A. (the vicar) presided, and was supported on the platform by Dr. Kirk, the Rev. W. Morgan, B.A., the Rev. C. Willis, Alderman W. P. Williams, Capt. Croft, Messrs. W. J. Williams (accountant), W. Farren, J. D. Bryan, O. R. Owen, M. T. Morris, and others. The Revs. E. Herber Evans, E. Jones, and Abel J. Parry, who had been announced to speak, were unable to be present. There was a very large attendance, and addresses, strongly urging the closing of the shops on Saturday next, were delivered, and a motion of Dr. Kirk, seconded by Mr. W. J. Williams, and supported by Mr. M. T. Morris it was agreed, "That this meeting is unanimously of opinion that the shopkeepers of Carnarvon should be appealed to to close their respective establishments on the Saturday following Christmas Day, so as to afford their employees (many of whom live in distant parts of the country) an opportunity of visiting their friends and relatives." The Rev. W. Morgan proposed "That this meeting respectfully requests the inhabitants of Carnarvon and the neighbourhood to show their sympathy and good-will to the shopkeepers and their assistants by making their Christmas and weekly purchases on Thursday next, so as to enable shopkeepers to close their establishments on Saturday, as well as on Christmas Day." This resolution was seconded by Alderman W. P. Williams, and supported by Mr. W. Davies, Pool-street, and was unanimously carried. The third resolution was proposed by Mr. Cadwaladr Williams, and was to the effect "that this meeting is of opinion that it would be very desirable that all the establishments of the town should close at seven o'clock all the year round." Mr. W. Whiskin seconded this motion, which was supported by Mr. J. D. Bryan, and passed. A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman, proposed by Mr. W. G. Thomas, and seconded by Mr. O. R. Owen, closed a most enthusiastic meeting.

We are given to understand that all the local ironmongers, and the majority of the drapers and grocer have agreed to close their respective establishments from Thursday evening until Monday morning, and that a market will be held on Thursday, as well as on Saturday.

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