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From the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald: December 20th. 1907.



The tradesmen of Carnarvon have evidently had a busy week. They have taken great pains to make their shop windows attractive, and none will deny that they have been very successful.


Mr. Griffith Owen, chemist and wine merchant, exhibits a splendid stock of invalide wines, etc. His "Essence of Coltsfoot" for coughs and colds, which is known throughout Wales, is largely in demand during the present season.


Those who wish to improve the furnishing of their house should visit 14, Castle-square, Carnarvon, where Messrs. Aston and Son conduct a first-class business. Here everything required for the house may be insepcted and obtained at a reasonable price. The public are invited to walk through the magnificent show-rooms. We notice that all goods, both in the windows and the show-rooms, are marked in plain figures, but the firm allows 10 per cent. for cash. One of the many advantages of buying from Messrs. Aston and Son is that the bulk of their goods are manufactured by their own employees, and thus good workmanship is assured.


Messrs. D. Evans and Co., Turf-square, can well challenge comparison with any show of meat in the country. Their stock this year comprises 26 bullocks and heifers, 156 sheep, and a large number of home-fed turkeys and geese, purchased from Lord Stanley of Alderley, Messrs. O. Jones, Plas Llechyleched; Richards, Pen Shop; R. H. Williams, Trogwy Bach; T. Chambers, Castellor, Menai Bridge; W. Brocklebank, Parkia; H. Ellis, Tai'rmeibion; R. Bowen Roberts, Glan'rafon, Llanedwen; Williams Brothers, Garnedd Goch; Owen, Bryngwallen, Llangefni; R. Hughes, Plas Llangwyfan; H. Lewis, Quirtai; W. Lewis, Talyllyn; E. W. Parry, Lledwigan; J. Jones, Llanfaglan; W. M. Roberts, Rhosdican; University College Farm, Mrs. Williams, Ty Mawr, Clynnog; E. M. Davidson, Pant Howell; Lord Penrhyn's Home Farm, R. Roberts, Ty Mawr; R. W. Pritchard, Coedmarion.


The "Golden Goat" is very nicely decorated. The windows contain a splendid assortment of Swiss and lace curtains, hemstiched sheets, tray cloths, sideboard cloths, Swiss antimaccasars, tea coseys, white woollen shawls, and Welsh woollen wraps, feather boas, lace, Maltese scarfs, white and fancy silks, white silk blouses, nuns veilings, flowers, silk squares, hemstitched and embroidered handkerchiefs, umbrellas, bibs, dolls, books, albums, Christmas and New Year cards, and all kinds of toys; lace collars, lace bands, lace scarfs, motor scarves, slik scarfs, cashmere frocks, cambric and silk pinafores, gaiters, bootees, turbans, woollen motor scarfs, and hundreds of other things. The shilling table as usual full of bargains, while the bazaar is full of useful bamboo articles. A penny bazaar has been added this year, and a variety of articles either useful or ornamental are to be obtained for a copper. The firm has this year departed from its usual course of giving almanacks, but during the week it will sell all the goods at wholesale prices.


Mr. Henry Owen, of Bridge-street, has an excellent stock of beef, mutton, pork, turkeys, and geese. He has been able to obtain splendid animals at the fat stock sales in North Wales. He thanks his customers for their past patronage, and solicits an inspection of this year's stock.


Mr. Owen Thomas, Pool-street, has a very fine and choice selection of turkeys, geese, snipe, pheasants, partridge, hares, and rabbits for the coming Christmas market, supplied from the best breeding covers of the district.


The windows of the well-known establishments of Mr. Joseph Roberts in Pool-street and at Twthill contain a fine selection of the season's goods, decorated tea and biscuit tins, and other articles suitable for Christmas gifts, being a speciality. The show of Cheshire, Cheddar, and other cheese beats previous records; and the display of butter and bacon is very attractive.


The Golden Anchor is one of the best-known drapery establishments in the town. In the window facing Turf-square there is a nicely dressed figure, together with the materials for dresses, in silk, etc., suitable for evening wear. There are also seasonable furs, seals, jackets, wraps, and fancy goods. The No. 1 window in Bridge-street is tastefully decorated, and contains two figures magnificently dressed. In the No. 2 window there is a splendid selection of baby-linen and girls' garments, together with two handsomely dressed dolls. There is also a good selection of infants' bonnets, hats, and furs. In the showroom one finds a well-selected stock of caracal, seal, and cloth jackets, mantles, furs, and costumes.


Messrs. Dicks and Co.'s windows in Bridge-street and Palace-street have been well filled with shoes and slippers and good strong boots for young and old. The firm's motto is "We consider your understandings."


Mr. J. Parry, newsagent and tobacconist, has a very neat show of all kinds of tobaccos, in addition to every description of toys.


Messrs. Brymer and Davies seem determined to maintain the reputation they have gained of being one of the principal drapery establishments in North Wales. This year, they have succeeded in completing a most attractive Christmas show. In window No. 1 we find a selection of photo frames, needle cases, satchels, perfumes, work baskets, post card albums, dolls, belts, etc., etc., fans, ladies' silk blouses, also a special display of leather goods. Window No. 2 contains children's toys, etc.; window No. 3, dress materials, crepoline, crepe de chine of the newest shades, evening dresses, silk, and kid gloves, violets, perfumes, neck ties, scarves, etc. In the fourth window we notice an assortment of boys' suits, overcoats, men's overcoats, trousers, breeches, etc., lace collars, braces, fronts, collars, woollen gloves, mufflers, and boys' fancy caps; Christy's and Lincoln Bennett's silk and felt hats, and caps, together with bags, men's and boys shirts, singlets, etc. In window No. 5 and 6, dress shirts, silk scarves and ties and gloves are seen in profusion, while window No. 7 may be termed the children's window, for in it one finds a large variety of dolls, doll houses, and toys. In the centre of this window is a stuffed bear. The decorations of the whole establishment is excellent.


Messrs. Jones and Miller, tailors and outfitters, London House, have their establishments tastefully decorated with goods suitable for this time of year, viz., Scotch, Welsh, Irish, and Harris' tweeds, overcoatings, and rainproofs in great variety; a nice selection of scarves, silk handkerchiefs, hats and caps, together with leggings and travelling bags.


Mr. J. R. Pritchard's popular establishments in Pool-street and Turf-square display a grand selection of good things for Yuletide. The windows of both shops are very attractive, and are full of the most seasonable goods of the finest quality. Mr. Pritchard and his son, Mr. Llewelyn Pritchard, are always in personal attendance at the shops in Pool-street and are ever ready to meet the wishes of their customers. The same remarks apply to Mr. Tom Edwards, the manager of the Eagle Stores. Mr. Pritchard makes a speciality of the Yellow Flower Tea, which has gained great popularity on account of its excellence. At the Warehouse, photographs are exhibited of the local winners (the property of the Hon. F. G. Wynn) at the last Smithfield and Birmingham Shows. They were fed on the well-known cake supplied at Mr. J. R. Pritchard's.


Bradley's, the clothiers at Turf-square, have a nice display, including a variety of the newest ties, scarves, silk handkerchiefs, men's, boys' and youths' overcoats, fancy vests, travelling rugs, etc. Neither is the workman forgotten, for goods suitable for him are shown in abundance. The firm has a novel map competition for school boys, for which useful prizes are offered.


To enjoy the good things at Christmas, both rich and poor alike should not be without nice and wholesome beverages to quench their thirst. Mr. E. Noble and Messrs. Thomas and Edwards supply this want.


The stationers of the town have not been backward in their preparations for the season. Attractive windows have been set up by Messrs. E. Lloyd Williams, D. W. Davies and Co., W. Gwenlyn Evans, H. W. Jones, and J. J. Hughes.


Mr. Caradoc Rowland is as usual particularly busy, and his shop windows have been tastefully arranged, while the interior presents a very orderly appearance. The piles of children's books, pretty ornaments, photo frames, leather and brass goods are very suitable for Xmas presents.


Mr. J. H. Jones, chemist, Castle-square, has a nice selection of useful things for Xmas, especially perfumes of all descriptions. He announces the arrival of a fresh consignment of the new season's cod liver oil.


In High-street, Messrs. Jones Bros. have opened a new shop (under the management of Mr. W. O. Jones, late of the Star). with a fine new greengroceries, etc., of the best quality.


Mr. W. Williams Jones, jeweller and optician, Bangor-street, has as usual a nice and tasteful display of of jewellery, including choice diamond rings and brooches, and a selection of Royal Worcester and Goss china, of which he is sole agent. Mr. Jones makes a speciality of the optician's business.


Waterloo House is one of the oldest drapery establishments in the town, and it still holds its own as the Mecca of the fair sex. The display of dainty blouses, materials for evening dresses, lace goods of all description, gloves and fancy goods suitable for presents, are attractively arranged in one window. the other window is also charming, containing a grand selection of children's garments, etc., for Waterloo House is noted for their stock of children's and ladies underclothing, and choice pellisses, frocks, pinafores, millinery. In the show rooms choice selection of jackets, costumes and furs is shown. Parisian millinery models are offered at a reduction.


Francis', the stationer's and fancy goods establishment in Tower Shop, and High-street Post-Office, have a fine selection of Christmas cards (both English and Welsh). The windows are daintily decorated with suitable Christmas presents in copper, brass and oak and leather and a well-arranged assortment of gift books.


The good things for the Christmas dinner cannot be cooked without fire, and good coal is an essential. A call with Messrs. O. Evans and Son, coal merchants, would bring you the best.


The well-known establishments of Mr. Cadwaladr Williams, Dinorwic House and Leeds House, are well to the front this year again with a splendid assortment of ties, mufflers, silk handkerchiefs, umbrellas, etc., suitable for Christmas presents. In their fine showrooms may be seen a new and large stock of overcoats, suits, and mackintoshes.


Messrs. Evan Jones and Son, both in Castle-square and in Bangor-street, have proved themselves up to date. In the first named place there are plenty of electro-plated goods, cutlery, etc., besides guns and ammunition, together with ironmongery goods for the household, gramaphones, phonographs, and other articles are on view in Bangor-street; also football and hockey requisites, and bicycles.


Messrs. Williams, Humphreys and Co., of the Brunswick Buildings, are acknowledged to be one of the leading ironmongery firms in North Wales, and this year they have a grand Christmas show. In one window, we find a very large selection of useful Christmas presents, comprising of electro-plated goods, table cutlery, trays, table lamps, etc. The other window is very tastefully dressed, showing a variety of very useful articles. Here we have copper and brass goods, brass curbs, fire brasses, coal scoops and vases, hearth and fancy dusting brushes, the latest in gas fittings, brass, copper and iron brackets, pendants, hall lamps, etc. The centre-piece is a cast-iron mantel register and overmantel, with bevelled mirror, with the latest type of fire. Inside the shop, again they have a full stock of ironmongery goods, viz., builders', smiths' quarry, joiners' tools, and almost everything required for the house will be found here. The large extensive showroom, which they have just added to their premises, is well-equipped with the very latest in grates, mantel grates, the Dome up-to-date, fire grates, interiors, fumed oak, mahogany, and white wood mantel chimney-pieces, enamelled chimney-pieces, the famous Swinton new patent cooking range; also farmers are extensively provided for, i.e., in machinery, oil engines, chaff cutters, pulpers, grinding mills, ploughs, churns, etc. Special attention is directed to the Carbotron Heating Company's portable smokeless stove.


This year the well-known firm of Messrs. Edward Hughes and Son, ironmongers and furniture dealers in Bridge-street, are displaying a choice selection of electro-plate, brass, copper and oak-mounted goods, and photo frames, etc., at all prices from 6d upwards. The special feature of their windows this year are the sterling silver novelties which are being eagerly bought up on account of their low price. The third window contains a fine selection of gas brackets and pendants, incandescent gas fittings. The fourth window contains furniture, for which this firm is now well-known. Inside they have a display of toys of every description, and to suit all pockets.

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