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From the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald: December 18th. 1908.



The Christmas displays at the Carnarvon business establishments are as attractive as ever, and the shop windows are just now the objects of great interest.

Mr. G. Owen, chemist, etc., does not require to make a special show. His goods are well known throughout the Principality, and this season again his celebrated essence of coltsfoot is in great demand. His wines, etc., invariably find their way to the festive board.

Messrs. Bradleys, Turf-square, owing to the great sale now proceeding, are obliged to depart from their usual custom of making a fancy show for Christmas, but an inspection of their windows by prospective buyers will mean something more than a Christmas box, for every article is a genuine bargain. A great attraction for the children will be the three life-size Father Christmas's which are placed in each window.

We always look to Waterloo House, in Castle-square, for high-class and up-to-date novelties, and it is evident from the display made here that this establishment keeps up its reputation. Ladies' costumes, dresses, skirts, and coats of the latest description may be seen; also charming blouses, in lace, silk, De Laine, and flannels; umbrellas and furs, real lace scarfs, collars, etc., an endless variety of neckwear, gloves, fancy goods, and handkerchiefs for Christmas presents. The show of children's garments, for which Waterloo House is noted, is as usual very dainty and attractive.

Mr. W. Williams Jones, Bangor-street, has an excellent display at his magnificent establishment. The windows are very tastefully set out with an assortment of gold and silver watches, gold bangles, and choice silver goods suitable for presents. The choice Goss china which Mr. Jones exhibits in his establishment are especially worthy of notice. Mr. Jones also furnishes eyglasses and spectacles at most reasonable prices. Undoubtedly this is one of the most up-to-date establishments in North Wales.

Messrs. Brymer and Davies, Nelson Emporium, the well-known drapers, are as usual to the front with their Christmas decorations. The following is a description of the windows:- No. 1: Cornets, dolls, games, drums, picture books, monkeys, houses, doll houses, mechanical toys, stuffed fox, and a wild cat. No. 2: A choice selection of tweeds and worsted cloth for suits and overcoats, travelling rugs, dressing gowns, fancy vests, flannel shirts, driving gloves, Urvella gloves, etc., silk gloves, and mounted silk umbrellas. No. 3, a large assortment newest shapes Christy's and Lincoln, Bennett's black and coloured felt and tweed hats, caps, ties, mufflers and fur-lined gloves. No. 4: Fancy handkerchiefs, boys' embroidered silk and linen collars, gent's silk umbrellas, mufflers, ties, collars, and fronts, boys' fancy suits, overcoats, and travelling bags. No. 5: New veilings, silk taffeta, silk eoline, white cashmere, etc., for evening dress. No. 6: Lace collars for ladies, lace ties, lace gowns, silk gloves, kid gloves, perfumes, satchels, etc. No. 7: Silk shawl, silk blouse, photo frames, needle cases, embroidered silk and linen handkerchiefs. One and all will find satisfaction in this establishment for their different tastes.

The popular establishment of Messrs. Pierce and Williams, the Golden Goat, is not only up-to-date, but very attractively decorated for the Christmas season. The windows of this well-known business establishment have been dressed with all kinds of seasonable goods. There is a fine display of eiderdown quilts, cushions, cushion covers, counterpanes, toilet sets, damask table cloths, dress materials, collarettes, gloves, blouses, palliots, skirts, bear pellises, and tunics, cashmere pellises and tunics, all of which are suitable for Christmas presents. They offer a nice assortment of Christmas cards, and parcels to the value of 10s. and upwards will be sold until Christmas at wholeasale prices. We recommend to our readers a look round at the Afr Aur.

Mr. J. R. Pritchard's two large shops are worthy of attention. The Tea Mart at Pool-street is daintily decorated with good things for Yuletide, and already the windows are drawing crowds to inspect the choice stock of dainties exhibited. Pritchard's noted Yellow Flower Tea is kept well to the front, and has by now become an article which cannot well be dispensed with. The Golden Eagle at Turf-square also presents a very tempting appearance, the window being so well dressed that the passer by must tarry a moment to see it. In the Pool-street warehouse Mr. Pritchard has a well-selected stock of the best flour and feeding stuffs.

Special attention is drawn to the Christmas fair at Aston's stores in Castle-square, where a splendid variety can be seen in Japanese goods, wicker and cane goods, glass and china ornaments, useful upholstered fancy chairs, tea and dinner services, fancy china, etc. Everybody will find something suitable for all his friends at Aston's stores. This well-known firm of furniture manufacturers have made a special purchase of two manufacturers' stocks of carpets, rugs, mats, bedsteads, and are making a special reduction of 20 per cent. off these goods for twelve days only from December 12th to the 24th. The public are invited to walk around their showrooms, where they will find every article marked in plain figures.

Mr. Henry Owen, the well-known purveyor of meat, is again to the fore with a grand stock of beef, mutton, geese, and turkeys. His large stock has been purchased from the leading stockfeeders and farmers of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire. Mr. Owen always purchases the best for his customers, and this year he has well maintained his reputation. He has secured several prize cattle and sheep at the different Christmas sales.

Mr. Joseph Roberts displays at Pool-street and Twthill a large and varied selection of Christmas novelties in the way of decorated canisters of tea, fancy tins of biscuits, Christmas crackers, etc. We find exhibited in the windows a fine show of prize Cheddars and Cheshire cheese, and his stock of smoked hams and bacon is quite up to the firm's standard of quality.

Messrs. Morton's, the noted boot shop, has a display of boots, shoes, and slippers. The windows are tastefully decorated with Dr. Jaeger's wool-lined boot, shoe, and slippers, Cinderella, the high-class boot and shoe for ladies, the Holdfast and Dryfoot boot for country wear, and the "Perfecta" boot, of which they are the sole makers. The windows are worth an inspection.

The Golden Anchor (Mr. Edward Owen) is again to the fore. In the Turf-square window there is a figure elegantly dressed in white, and a fine display of fancy dress materials and silk, and numberless articles suitable for presents. In the second window (Bridge-street) there are two figures dressed in pink and cream, together with a choice selection of silk blouses and fancy goods. In the third window are shown children's millinery, silk dresses, and two dolls dressed in white.

One of the most successful displays for this Christmas is that of Messrs. Edward Hughes and Son, ironmongers. In their extensive showrooms fancy goods and toys in endless variety are shown, and as usual they show a choice selection of electroplated, silver, and silver-mounted goods, cutlery, leather bags and purses, etc. They also show a quantity of china and glass, which they are offering at reduced prices before stock-taking. Furniture, bedsteads, etc., are also shown.

Mr. J. B. Parker, meat purveyor, Turf-square, and Pool-street, has a very fine stock for his Christmas show, comprising cattle fed by well-known breeders, among whom are Messrs. W. Brocklebank, Parica; W. Jones, Bodaden; J. Jones, Llanfagdalen; R. Hughes, Chwilog; the Hon. F. G. Wynn, and Mr. J. Davies, Muriau. He has also a large supply of geese, turkeys, etc., from local feeders.

The stationers of the town are again to the front with their Christmas attractions. Attractive windows have been set up by Messrs. E. Lloyd Williams, D. W. Davies and Co., Jones' Turf-square, W. Gwenlyn Evans, H. W. Jones, J. J. Hughes, and Evan Hughes.

The good things for the Christmas table cannot be cooked without fire, and good coal is an essential. A call at Messrs. Owen Evans and Son, coal merchants, will secure what one wants.

Mr. Owen Thomas, Pool-street, has a fine and choice selection of turkeys, geese, snipe, pheasants, partridge, hares, and rabbits.

Messrs. Dicks and Co.'s windows in Bridge-street and Palace-street are well filled with a fine selection of shoes and slippers and good strong boots, etc., for young and old. The firm's motto is "We consider your understandings."

To enjoy the good things at Christmas, both rich and poor alike should not be without nice and wholesome beverages to quench their thirst. Mr. E. Noble and Messrs. Thomas and Edwards supply this want.

Mr. J. Parry, Liverpool House, has a nice selection of tobacco and cigars for the Christmas season, without which many would spend a miserable Yuletide. He has also a grand supply of Christmas cards, and toys of all descriptions.

Mr. Caradoc Rowland as usual makes a nice display of useful Christmas presents in leather goods, Christmas cards, etc.

Messrs. Roberts and Owen, Pool-street, have a very attractive display of Christmas presents in jewellery, silver and plated goods.

Messrs. Evan Jones and Son are showing at their Bangor-street premises a very varied assortment of phonographs, etc., which will help to brighten our Christmas holidays. Also several new 1909 bicycles, juvenile cycles, footballs, hockey sticks, and golf clubs. At their Castle-square shop they have guns and ammunition, all kinds of culinary utensils, a fine display of table, hanging, and floor lamps, plated goods, cutlery, etc.

As is his custom, Mr. Evan Owen, of the Pool-street Bakery and Bee Hive Restaurant, has a specially fine show of cakes, all made at his model bakery. All foods are packed with the greatest care, and every attention given to post orders.

At Messrs. Wyman's bookstall we find periodicals of every description, tastily arranged. Such a show of magazines and books is rarely seen at Carnarvon, and Mr. Rogers is one of the most obliging and genial bookstall managers in North Wales. In addition to magazines and periodicals we find an extensive selection of useful books, such as diaries, farmers' and nautical year books.

At the Brunswick Buildings we find their first window handsomely got up, representing a kitchen, in which are to be seen an enamelled tea and coffee service, cast iron tin and holloware, metal dish covers, with a selection of cooking apparatus, and a centre figure, the renowned Swinton range. In the other window they show a selection of electro-plated silver goods, arranged so that every article can be seen, and got at with ease. In their large show-room window is shown the Dome up-to-date fire grate (fire on the hearth), with a magnificent enamelled slate chimney-piece. On going through this extensive building one finds everything nicely kept, and all who visit it are certain to be well-suited.

Mr. R. J. George, draper, Bridge-street, makes an effective display of seasonable goods, and the windows are full of all kinds of fancy articles for Christmas presents.

Messrs. Jones Bros., High-street, have a very attractive show of dainties for the Christmas table. This firm makes the want of their customers a special study. By this Christmas thay have added to their fruit business the grocery and provision.

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