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From the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald: December 23rd. 1910.


Where to go for Yuletide Presents

Description of Carnarvon Shops

The General Election is over and the Christmas festivities are upon us. At this time of the year there is not a more enjoyable task, from the point of view of the housewife, than shopping. In spite of the extremely miserable weather of the past few days a large number of people were to be seen daily parading the principal streets at Carnarvon admiring the many beautiful things shown in the shop windows. Others not only admired, but did what the shopman wished them to do - they went inside and made purchases, purchases that would gladden the hearts not only of the children but of the grown ups. to-day, and especially to-morrow, the streets will no doubt be thronged with sight-seers, and the shopkeepers will hope to reap a harvest. small though Carnarvon may be, its shops are among the finest, not only in Carnarvonshire but in North Wales. There is hardly anything that is reasonable that cannot be bought in the local shops these days. Of course, it is Christmas, and great preparations have been made by the shopkeepers with the view of giving all and sundry every facility to obtain those things they stand in need of. The drapers' windows are filled with dainty little novelties for presents, and the jewellers and silversmiths' windows are a blaze of articles, beautiful and glittering; while the grocers' windows are laden with sultanas and raisins and spices, and the other wherewithal to make the Christmas pudding, etc. The poulterers' shops are stocked with innumerable game, the butchers make a fine display of prime beef, mutton, etc., and the ironmongers and furniture dealers exhibit various novelties suitable as presents. It is around the toy shops that the youngsters congregate. These are laden with a hundred interests and delights. Christmas cards in every variety are to be seen in the windows of the booksellers' and stationers' shops, while the tobacconists' are a veritable paradise for smokers and those who are seeking presents for the devotees of the fragrant weed.

Advert for Bradleys. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910.  K. Morris
Advert for Bradleys. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910. K. Morris
Below we describe briefly some of the principal shops in Carnarvon:-


"Of all the shops that are so smart, there is none more smart than Nelson" - namely, the well known drapery establishment, the Nelson Emporium, the proprietors of which are Messrs Brymer and Davies. Their commodious premises, centrally situated, are a great centre of attraction, containing as they do many requisites, useful and artistic. The Christmas selection of goods in the various departments is one of the finest ever seen in Carnarvon. The following is a detailed description of the exhibits in each window:- No. 1: Fancy purses, work baskets, ladies' dressing cases, handkerchief and glove sachets, glove boxes, hand bags, shopping bags, leather writing cases, fancy glass wear, jewel boxes, pin cushions, eiderdown quilts and cushions, etc. No. 2: Dolls, teddy bears, dogs, horses, carts, magic lanterns, drums, bugles, cornets, guns, swords, whips, pianos, sewing machines, musical toys, mechanical toys, enamelled tea and dinner sets, doll house, mechanical railway trains, engines, etc. No. 3: Lace sleeves, lace collars, lace ties, ladies' fancy ties, bows, Maltese scarves and collars, lace and linen handkerchiefs, leather bags, perfumes, silk shawls, silk blouses; squirrel, foxes, stone marten, furs, etc. No. 4: This window should attract the attention of all on the look out for useful presents for boys. It contains, velvet suits, fancy overcoats, embroidered silk collars, fancy pocket handkerchiefs, gloves, cycling hose, ties, shirts, pants, singlets, etc; men's mufflers, ties, handkerchiefs, caps, felt and tweed hats, umbrellas, collars, cuffs, fronts, braces, etc. No. 5: Gentlemen's mufflers, silk handkerchiefs, ties, braces, wool, kid, calf and reindeer gloves (lined and unlined); gentlemen's shirts, pyjamas, gentlemen's dressing cases, and brush and comb cases, etc. No. 6: A select assortment of suitings, overcoatings, trouserings, in all the newest designs for present wear; bags, rugs, dressing gowns, Christy's silk and felt hats, and caps; and Lincoln Bennetts hats and caps. etc. No 7: This is the most attractive window for boys and girls, as it contains a special collection of dolls, doll houses, galloping horses, motor cars, and boats, flying machines, go-carts, carts, swings, games, books, and rocking horses, etc. The interior of the extensive establishment is a veritable fairy land.


"For currants and raisins and sugar and tea, the Mart and the Eagle are the shops you must see." So said the bard, and so say many others. The Tea Mart in Pool-street, and the Eagle Stores in Turf-square are two well-known grocery establishments belonging to Mr. J. R. Pritchard, whose name is associated with the famous "Yellow Flower Tea," which for price, quality, and exceptionally rich flavour is unexcelled. Both shops are well stocked with the choicest Christmas goods, and the windows are gay with crackers and bon-bons in a hundred patterns. Attached to the Tea Mart is a pork shop which is being well patronised.


Yr Afr Aur (Anglice Golden Goat), is one of the popular shops of Carnarvon and district. As in previous years Messrs. Pierce and Williams have made extensive preparations to meet the demands of Christmas-tide and have laid themselves out specially to please the public. There is an attractive display in the windows, and admiring crowds congregate outside the well-known establishment daily. The following is a detailed description of the numerous windows:- First window: Gents' Japanese silk pocket handkerchiefs in cream and red, also handkerchief boxes suitable for presents; fancy embroidered white table cloths, d'oyleys in all sizes, sideboard cloths in all sizes and prices, and beautiful counterpanes suitable for Christmas presents. Second window: Toys and fancy good in great varieties, beautiful cream silk blouses, very cheap. Third window: It is full of newest collars and collarettes at wonderfully low prices. Fourth window: Infants' hoods, hats and tunics, etc. Fifth window contains fancy pocket handkerchiefs from 1d to 8d each. The sixth and seventh windows are full of infants' pinafores suitable for presents. Inside, along the middle counters, there are dressed dolls from 3d to 2s 6d each a grand assortment to select from; also games and Christmas cards, an immense stock to choose from. In the show room there is a large assortment of the most suitable articles for presents, consisting of blouses, fur boas, muffs, children's pelisses and umbrellas, all very cheap.


At Messrs. Astons' well-known furnishing establishment in Castle-square the extensive display is as usual one of the most attractive in the town. The windows are devoted to goods suitable for presentation, and from their ornamental character they are certain to be greatly appreciated by their recipients. The stock comprises all that is neatest, brightest, and prettiest in furnishing good of every description. Apart from the window space, the spacious and well-lighted showrooms contain an immense stock of artistic and reliable goods in the furnishing, ironmongery and crockery line. Any one contemplating furnishing or replenishing should inspect this gigantic stock. One is certain to be satisfied. All the goods are manufactured at the firm's model factory at Wrexham, and by purchasing at Messrs. Aston's one saves all the middleman's profits.


The well-known clothiers, Messrs. Bradley, Turf-square, have an excellent and extensive stock. Besides heavy goods, they have a large assortment of fancy goods eminently suitable for Christmas presents, such as silk ties, handkerchiefs, boys' suits, caps, braces, jerseys, and umbrellas. To enumerate the scores of other articles suitable for Christmas presents shown by Messrs. Bradley would be a tedious and unnecessary work in view of the fact that the establishment has a reputation for the excellence of the goods sold. A person would be very hard to please if he could not be satisfied here.

Advert for Griffith Jones. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910.  K. Morris
Advert for Griffith Jones. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910.
K. Morris


This year again Waterloo House has amply provided for the multifarious wants of the fair sex at this time of the year. The bewildering variety of goods, including dainty blouses for day and evening wear in silk and lace, Maltese laces, gloves, hosiery, dressing jackets, umbrellas, belts, lace goods of every description, handkerchiefs, silk scarves and mufflers, poplin ties, furs, silk skirts, and many other articles too numerous to mention; presents an attractive and well assorted stock, and affords great scope for variety of desirable gifts. Also one cannot help noticing the smart display of children's garments, which include frocks, tunics, toddling coats, furs, gloves, and fancy socks, etc., such as will make the bairns prance with delight. In fact, the ladies and children of all ages will find at this old and well-known establishment an admirable assortment of all the various wraps required to meet the various contingencies of social life at Yuletide.


Messrs. Griffith Jones and Co., the enterprising ironmongers, of 9 and 11, Pool-street, make, as usual, an exceedingly fine display of fancy goods. In the first window there is a very attractive display of fancy brass goods, including brass and copper jugs, brass crumb sets, brass table gongs, copper pots, etc. In the second window there is a splendid variety of cutlery, including some beautiful cases of carvers, jam spoons, fish eaters, also table and desert knives, razors and pocket knives. Their display of electro plate and silver goods is magnificent. In the fourth window is shown a nice variety of leather goods. It should be worth ones while to pay a visit to this well-known establishment before making purchases of Christmas and Yuletide gifts.


In Mr. Griffith Jones furnishing establishment, Pool-street Market, No. 1 window is laid out as a drawing-room in Sheraton style solid mahogany, comprising a suite in the very latest design, inlaid curio table and cabinet, an elegant writing table and bureau, and a very exceptional choice of screens and pictures; also a superior white enamelled mantelpiece and a register grate with brass interior and fancy tile panels. No 2 window is laid out as a bedroom, comprising a magnificent suite in solid walnut and burr, a massive walnut bedstead, tastefully draped, and very rich design down quilt, and a handsome toilet set and trinket set in Old English design. In the Staffordshire china warehouse in Castle-square there is an enormous stock of crockery and a grand display in the window of artistic ornaments, Bohemian vases, ruby flower holders, and fine clock sets. It is hardly possible to think of more suitable Christmas presents than what is here exhibited. At the extensive warehouses at the Post Office Buildings Greengate-street and Northgate-street there is a collection of furniture to meet all possible requirements and to satisfy all tastes and circumstances. After the inspection ond is convinced that the furnishing department of Mr. Griffith Jones still holds, and is likely to hold a unique position in North Wales.


Those desirous of purchasing jewellery should certainly pay a visit to Mr. W. Williams Jones, Bangor-street. This year again the windows are tastefully set out with a large assortment of gold and silver watches, bangles, rings, brooches and other articles of jewellery suitable for presentation. The Goss china goods which Mr. Williams Jones exhibits are also worthy of notice. This establishment is very up-to-date.


Mr. Griffith Owen, chemist, High-street, the vendor of Coltsfoot, the famous specific for colds and coughs, makes a speciality of Australian, Burgundy and other wines. Perfumes of every description and photographic materials are also sold at this establishment.


Useful presents in great variety are shown by Mr. J. Hugh Williams, cabinet-maker and furniture dealer, Bangor-street, whose extensive premises also contain a large stock of dining-room, drawing-room and bedroom furniture in all the newest designs. The quality is good and the prices moderate. Young people who contemplate matrimony cannot do better than inspect Mr. Williams' excellent stock. He sells furniture suitable not only for the palace but for the peasant's house.


Messrs. Evan Jones and Son, motor garage and cycle depot, 26, Bangor-street, are displaying a large and varied assortment of golf clubs, bags, balls, and all other accessories concerned with the game; footballs and big stock of roller skates; also gramophones and records (Welsh records a speciality). The gramophone they are showing at 32s 6d is really a marvellous value. Several 1911 model bicycles are also in evidence. At their establishment in Castle-square can be seen all kinds of lamps, culinary utensils, cutlery and electro-plated goods, sporting guns, rifles, revolvers, air guns, and ammunition, electric flash lamps and cigar lighters.


At this season of the year a good roasting fire is an essential. The goose cannot be cooked without it, neither can one's feet be warmed. To make a good fire one cannot do better than get a quantity of Messrs. O. Evans and Son's excellent coal.


Cold feet make one miserable, and those who want strong and warm boots would do well to pay a visit to Messrs. Moreton's shop in Eastgate-street, which is under the management of Mr. Pritchard. the well-known "Holdfast," "Dryfoot," and "Perfecta" boots are sold here, as well as Dr. Jaeger's wool-lined boots. There is also a large variety of ladies' high heeled boots, shoes, and slippers. The manager has been very successful in the decoration of his windows.


Mr. Evan Owen, of the Bee Hive Restaurant, and the Pool-street Bakery, has a splendid shoe of decorated and plain cakes made at his model bakery. Those who like toothsome dainties would be well advised to pay a visit to Mr. Owen's establishments in Pool-street and Turf-square.


"What excellent meat Mr. Henry Owen, the well-known purveyor, has in his shop in Bridge-street," said one townsman to another yesterday. A glance at the large stock of beef and mutton, etc., in and outside the establishment confirms that statement. As in previous years, the stock comprises purchases from some of the leading agriculturists in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey.


The shop windows of Mr. John Parry, stationer and tobacconist Turf-square, will make one pause before going elsewhere for toys and dolls for the children. Novelties galore are to be seen there. Mr. Parry also has a large selection of man's indispensables, pipes and pouches. As usual, all the leading periodicals can be purchased here, together with picture books for the youngsters.

Advert for Henry Owen. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910.  K. Morris
Advert for Henry Owen. Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald 23rd December 1910. K. Morris

Mr. R. Jones, stationer and tobacconist, Turf-square, whose old-established business is always up-to-date, has a splendid display of Christmas goods. the Christmas and New Year cards are very beautiful. There is an extensive variety of toys and dolls, and the tobacco department is abundantly stocked, while the selection of books is admirable. The youngest as well as the oldest members of the family is catered for at this establishment.

As usual, Mr. J. Iorweth Hughes, stationer and tobacconist, Pool-street, has a neatly-dressed window of fancy goods, suitable for presents, such as photographs, post card and photograph albums, pocket wallets, writing cases, purses, handbags, frames and other useful and artistic articles far too numerous to mention. Inside, a large stock of toys, dolls and games of every description is to be seen.

St Messrs. Wyman's station bookstall are to be found all the leading periodicals tastily arranged. Such a show of magazines and books is rarely seen at Carnarvon, and Mr. Rogers is one of the most obliging and genial bookstall managers in North Wales. Christmas cards in a large variety are to be had here, and smokers' requisites can also be obtained.

Every book lover should pay a visit to Mr. Gwenlyn Evans' shop in Pool-street. He has a big selection of nicely-bound books to satisfy every taste. There is also an abundance of picture books for the young children, a nice assortment of Christmas and New Year cards, and diaries for next year at varying prices.

This year Mr. H. W. Jones, stationer, Castle-square, has specialized in Christmas and New Year cards. A nicer collection than he has in his window one would not wish to see. Mr. Jones has also a large quantity of books and periodicals which are suitable for presentation.

Parents should certainly pay a visit to the shop of Mr. E. Lloyd Williams, stationer, Bangor-street. In addition to books for old and young, he has an extensive stock of toys of every description. His large assortment of Christmas and New Year cards proves that the practice of exchanging greetings through their medium is not on the wane.

This year again, Mr. Caradoc Rowland, Castle-square, has a magnificent display of useful Yuletide presents in silver and plated goods. As to the book department, he evidently has not forgotten the children. Picture books are there in large quantities. Older readers would also do well to have a look in.

At the well-known establishment of Mrs. D. W. Davies, bookseller and stationer, in Bridge-street, there is this year again a fine display of leather goods, such as Vanity and Dorothy handbags, tourist cases, letter cases, purses, photo. frames, games, toy books, etc. At this shop one can have a special box of Christmas and New Year cards containing 50 for a 1s. Here there is also a fine selection of Christmas greetings, stationery boxes, etc.

There is a large and varied assortment of Christmas and New Year cards, pictorial post cards, etc., at Mr. E. Hughes's establishments, 57, Pool-street, and 7-11, Pool-hill, where fancy stationery and Welsh books are also sold.

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